Saturday, 6 October 2012



I arrived earlier than usual for today's match, due to being rather eager. I fish Lindholm quite regular on the open matches, and know how good this lake is; but today we faced a rough day. It was blowing an absolute gale, and with Oasis being a canal style lake, long pole is usually the main attack; which today is going to be tough. At the draw I end up with peg 51, an area that has not been fishing as well as the early pegs, so right from the get go i'm up against it!


Even though it's rather windy, I set the pole up to fish long, 14,5m with the plan of using meat or pellet on the hook , and feeding micros through a kinder pot.
I also set up a line to fish down the track half way across using 1/2 worm on the hook, feeding caster & chopped worm.
For the margins I am going to fish at top 2 & 2 down the edge, feeding loose ground-bait and fishing 2 worms over the top.


At the start of the match I begin on the long pole, using meat on the hook. It takes about 5 mins for the first bite, one minute later, and the first fish is in the net, a small carp!
The next 1/2 hour I only get a few more bites picking up a few fish, so I decide to change to a 4mm expander pellet on the hook. The result is instant, and another F1 in the net!

The wind then changes, and blows the pole, and my rig ends up stuck in a tree!!!! (a walk round to free it is required; fortunately my old man is on hand to support the pole while I go round)

On my return I decide to try the track line, which had been fed with a large pot of worm & caster about 20 mins ago. It takes about 10 mins before I receive a bite, resulting in a better stamp of F1, about 2lb. I stick with this line while the wind is bad, picking up a couple of tench, and one more F1.

The wind again changes, giving me chance to go back on the long pole using pellet, giving me an instant response, so I decide to ditch the meat for the rest of the match.

The wind is making it difficult, but I battle on to the last half hour on this line, picking up small F1's. I go down the edge for the last 1/2 hour over the loose groundbait, which I have been feeding for the last hour. A few indications on the float as soon as I lower it in gives me confidence, it buries 2 mins later, resulting in a 2lb barbel.

The next put in, another small barbel! It's then  a good 10 mins before the float buries again. I miss the bite, resulting in an explosion of activity, and blow waves going in every direction away from the swim "I think I may have spooked them!" I feed some more groundbait, and decide to keep fishing the line, resulting in one more small barbel.


On the weigh-in I end up with 32lb, 8oz; I'm disappointed, but that's fishing!!!
The match was won in the early peg with 60lb, with the majority of weights been in the 30lb bracket, so considering the weather & difficulties it's fished pretty well!