Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Today the open is on Bonsai Lake, the flagship water at Lindholme Lakes; and one of my most favorite all time lakes!

This three-acre, 85-peg lake is one of the newer lakes at Lindholme and one of the flagship waters. At 85 pegs it contains tens of thousands of F1s averaging 1lb 8oz. This is the main venue used for the Fish O Mania qualifier and is regarded as the fairest venue on the complex.

BONSAI LAKE WAS VOTED “THE BEST LAKE OF 2006-2007-2008-2009” BY Anglers votes!

 Club Matches  Rules:
  • 2 keep nets required for all matches and must be dipped before use
  • Groundbait with pole cup or feeder only
  • Method feeders must not be fixed rigs and not elasticated
  • Lindholme feed pellets only
  • Barbless hooks only max size 10
  • Floating baits are to club rules not allowed in open matches
  • No cat meat or dog meat
  • No dogs allowed around lakes
  • No litter or tab ends to be left on bank
  • Fishermen must sit at a peg (not on bank)
  • All anglers must be of site before 9pm in summer (dark in winter)

Extra rules for Open Matches:
  • 16mtr pole length
  • If you want to use a dolly butt on the end of your 16mtr section you MUST measure your pole between the measuring poles
  • NO slapping or tapping poles
  • You must use a FLOATING float
  • A bead must be under you method or feeder to stop fixing
  • NO knots above your feeder

The Match
I have drawn peg 47, which is close to the cafe/tackle shop. I have 2 islands to go at, due to the amount of room we have today; but there is a strong cross wind blowing from right to left.

My plan is to fish a straight bomb close to each of the islands, with a 6mm pellet in a band. I am using a 0.12 hook length to a size 18 middy hook.

At the start I cast the bomb to the end of the island directly in front of me, feeding is quite difficult due to the wind. I'm feeding around 6 pellets at a time, and am also feeding the island to my left; which is easier because I am using the wind to my advantage, which enables me to feed this island much more accurately.

 After 15 mins the tip steadily pulls round, and after a short battle the first fish is in the net, a Small carp about 2lb. I cast to the same island again and leave it for 15 mins; but when no bites emerge I decided to try the left island, and 5 mins later I am rewarded with another carp, about 2 1/2lb.

Over the next 2 1/2 hours I catch around 12 more carp from the island, before the bites stem to a disaster! The next 1 1/2 hours are almost biteless, so I keep switching between the islands;  having the odd cast into the open water between the islands.

I keep feeding the same, hoping that the fish will return. In the last 30 mins I catch 4 small F1 carp.  At the scales I weigh in 45lb 7oz for 3rd place. 65lb wins the match.

If only the fish hadn't disappeared, maybe, just maybe I may have been pushing the winning weight, but I can't grumble considering late November!

Thursday, 15 November 2012



The Stainforth and Keadby canal is a wide deep canal around 30 meters wide and the average depth is around 10 feet. Main species are roach, bream, roach/bream hybrids, perch, tench, eels, rudd and pike. There are odd carp into double figures, and a scattering of dace and small chub.

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing goes right?, well this was certainly one of those days!
After drawing peg 185 today, i was quite optimistic about catching a few fish; at the draw people had said it would be quite hard fishing, "how right they were!"

After parking near to the bridge, and a decent walk I arrived at my peg - It was a few pegs from the marina mouth, so a pretty good area. My approach was to fish 14.5m in front of me, and another line at 8m; as the depth was pretty uniform I could use the same rig for both lines.

The next line was just past the marginal weed that runs all the way along the stretch of the canal. I also set up a small maggot feeder, with a plan to fish across near to the boats on the far side.

On the all in I cupped in 2 balls of ground bait onto the 14.5m line, and the 8m line, along with a few pinkies & maggots (this had worked really well in previous years)

I spent some long periods on this line, and never had a single bite! I plumbed up a 14.5m line at a 10 o'clock angle, and only fed a few maggots & pinkies; my thinking was that the ground bait had put the fish off on the other lines - But I never had a single bite after that either, so I decided to give the maggot feeder a try, after 2 mins I finally had my first bite, and a small skimmer was in the net; well that was the only bite I had on that!

The only line I had left was the marginal line, which I had been feeding really sparingly by hand with maggots at one side, and casters at the other.  I never had a bite on caster, but on trying the maggot side, I finally had a second bite.... and missed the bloody thing, "gutted"
I kept trying the other lines, some I fed, some I never - I never had another bite on either!
It was one of the most fustrating days I think I have ever had!

The match was won with a measly 4lb, like I said, just one of those days!
 Fingers crossed it will be better next time round :(

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Rush Lyvarss Lake - Hedon

Location: Preston Road, Hedon, Near Hull, East Yorkshire HU12 8JU
Tel: 07582248037/07547191984
Price: £5 per day ticket - 1st extra rod £2, 2nd extra rod £1, available on bank side (close 8pm)
Night carp fishing only - £15 per night (Bookings Only) - from dusk till 7:30am NO GUESTS
Facilities: Free parking, toilets, designated disabled pegs (wheelchair friendly)
Lake noted for:Rules: Barbless hooks only. No ground bait or hemp allowed. All Carp to be returned to water immediately
Stock: Carp, Tench; Ide, Bream; Perch, Crucians; Roach and the odd Barbel

Situated on the outskirts of Hedon, Rush Lyvars is a 7-8 acre lake, which was formally 2 lakes a coarse lake, and a trout lake. It was made into one lake approx 12 yrs ago. It has a number of islands, which are accessible by bridges and a single island, which is not accessible. Pegs are concrete, and a good size, making them comfortable. The lake has 2 specific areas, the deeps and the shallows. The deeps is the former trout lake; which is the part closest to the car park. Depths range from 5 feet on the car park bank to 15 feet on the far bank. The shallows is the former coarse lake, which has a reasonably equal depth of 6-7 feet, with a few pegs been slightly deeper.

Today I am on the car park bank, on peg 20. I am going to fish the pole at 11 metres, due to the water being quite clear close in. I have 5 feet at this length. The rig I am using is a pencil type float 4 x14 - with a 0.12 main line, and a 0.10 hook length, with a size 20 fine wire hook. The bait  am using is maggots, (1 pint)

I start by feeding a small toss pot of maggots, and fishing a single maggot on the hook. I feed over the top with a catapult, with about 10 maggots every minute. The first bite comes quickly, and a small perch is in the net, this is followed by a couple more Perch in quick succession before bites grind to a halt. I stop feeding for 5 mins, to see how the fish react, and the bites soon start again. The fish are a much better stamp, resulting in plenty of Ide, approx 8oz each.

Keeping The Fish InterestedI now start feeding 5 maggots every 2 minutes; which keeps the bites coming regularly. I am having to change the hook bait regularly from double reds to double whites, as after a couple of fish, the bites soon slow, then a change gets you a few more bites, and fish!

I ended up with about 15lb, not bad for just a few hours fishing, and I only ended up using 1/2   pint of maggots!!!