Thursday, 15 November 2012



The Stainforth and Keadby canal is a wide deep canal around 30 meters wide and the average depth is around 10 feet. Main species are roach, bream, roach/bream hybrids, perch, tench, eels, rudd and pike. There are odd carp into double figures, and a scattering of dace and small chub.

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing goes right?, well this was certainly one of those days!
After drawing peg 185 today, i was quite optimistic about catching a few fish; at the draw people had said it would be quite hard fishing, "how right they were!"

After parking near to the bridge, and a decent walk I arrived at my peg - It was a few pegs from the marina mouth, so a pretty good area. My approach was to fish 14.5m in front of me, and another line at 8m; as the depth was pretty uniform I could use the same rig for both lines.

The next line was just past the marginal weed that runs all the way along the stretch of the canal. I also set up a small maggot feeder, with a plan to fish across near to the boats on the far side.

On the all in I cupped in 2 balls of ground bait onto the 14.5m line, and the 8m line, along with a few pinkies & maggots (this had worked really well in previous years)

I spent some long periods on this line, and never had a single bite! I plumbed up a 14.5m line at a 10 o'clock angle, and only fed a few maggots & pinkies; my thinking was that the ground bait had put the fish off on the other lines - But I never had a single bite after that either, so I decided to give the maggot feeder a try, after 2 mins I finally had my first bite, and a small skimmer was in the net; well that was the only bite I had on that!

The only line I had left was the marginal line, which I had been feeding really sparingly by hand with maggots at one side, and casters at the other.  I never had a bite on caster, but on trying the maggot side, I finally had a second bite.... and missed the bloody thing, "gutted"
I kept trying the other lines, some I fed, some I never - I never had another bite on either!
It was one of the most fustrating days I think I have ever had!

The match was won with a measly 4lb, like I said, just one of those days!
 Fingers crossed it will be better next time round :(