Sunday, 11 November 2012

Rush Lyvarss Lake - Hedon

Location: Preston Road, Hedon, Near Hull, East Yorkshire HU12 8JU
Tel: 07582248037/07547191984
Price: £5 per day ticket - 1st extra rod £2, 2nd extra rod £1, available on bank side (close 8pm)
Night carp fishing only - £15 per night (Bookings Only) - from dusk till 7:30am NO GUESTS
Facilities: Free parking, toilets, designated disabled pegs (wheelchair friendly)
Lake noted for:Rules: Barbless hooks only. No ground bait or hemp allowed. All Carp to be returned to water immediately
Stock: Carp, Tench; Ide, Bream; Perch, Crucians; Roach and the odd Barbel

Situated on the outskirts of Hedon, Rush Lyvars is a 7-8 acre lake, which was formally 2 lakes a coarse lake, and a trout lake. It was made into one lake approx 12 yrs ago. It has a number of islands, which are accessible by bridges and a single island, which is not accessible. Pegs are concrete, and a good size, making them comfortable. The lake has 2 specific areas, the deeps and the shallows. The deeps is the former trout lake; which is the part closest to the car park. Depths range from 5 feet on the car park bank to 15 feet on the far bank. The shallows is the former coarse lake, which has a reasonably equal depth of 6-7 feet, with a few pegs been slightly deeper.

Today I am on the car park bank, on peg 20. I am going to fish the pole at 11 metres, due to the water being quite clear close in. I have 5 feet at this length. The rig I am using is a pencil type float 4 x14 - with a 0.12 main line, and a 0.10 hook length, with a size 20 fine wire hook. The bait  am using is maggots, (1 pint)

I start by feeding a small toss pot of maggots, and fishing a single maggot on the hook. I feed over the top with a catapult, with about 10 maggots every minute. The first bite comes quickly, and a small perch is in the net, this is followed by a couple more Perch in quick succession before bites grind to a halt. I stop feeding for 5 mins, to see how the fish react, and the bites soon start again. The fish are a much better stamp, resulting in plenty of Ide, approx 8oz each.

Keeping The Fish InterestedI now start feeding 5 maggots every 2 minutes; which keeps the bites coming regularly. I am having to change the hook bait regularly from double reds to double whites, as after a couple of fish, the bites soon slow, then a change gets you a few more bites, and fish!

I ended up with about 15lb, not bad for just a few hours fishing, and I only ended up using 1/2   pint of maggots!!!