Monday, 31 December 2012



A post Christmas Messingham Sands pairs match was my first opportunity to use the new BROWNING XITAN REVOLUTION XTREME MARGIN POLE.

It has been designed with margin fishing in mind, as the name suggests; but due to the extremely light and strong design, it is also perfect for short distance fishing for silver fish and carp alike.

The pole itself has visible reinforcing around the middle sections; which gives it a really unique look. It comes supplied with three single length top kits, which are pre bushed. 

The diameter is 5,5m - Perfect for the largest of elastics! One kit comes in the pole, and two come separate, other kits are available to purchase separately  These all come in the same length and pre bushed in 3.9mm, and 4.5mm, a cupping kit is also available. This pole also comes supplied with a 1m pole protector butt section, which fits the 7m and 8.5m sections - to absorb knocks and bangs.

Another great feature with this pole is that it is fully compatible with the whole Xitan Pole Range!

 The Match

For today's match I have elasticated two of the three top kits, supplied with double 5 elastic with pull bungs for targeting silver fish. This will also give me capability of landing a carp; should I hook one!

The margins today are a real 'no go' area, due to the water been gin clear - I can see the bottom to about 3ft down! I have about 7ft or water almost everywhere in front of me at 9.5m, with only a slight variation to the far right, where it is slightly shallower.

 The Set-Up

I am going to feed a soft pellet and groundbait line to my right at a 2 o’clock angle with an aim to catch skimmers; and to my left at an 11 o'clock angle. I will fish maggot over the groundbait to maximize the chance of catching all species of silvers.

I am using the same rig for both lines, as the depth are exactly the same. The second rig I have set up is an off the bottom rig, for fishing over the maggot line. I feed both swims by pole mounted pot, with a mind to start feeding slowly, and build it up gradually. My plan is to start on the maggot line as this line is more likely to get an instant response.

As I ship the pole out with the pole pot loaded for the first drop-in, the ease of which the pole slides through your hands is second to none! With some short margin poles you get a bit of bouncing; but with Xitan Margin there is none at all. This is re-enforced when I get my first bite - The response from butt to tip is instant, and a small roach is straight into the net!

A good start, but unfortunately the rest of the day was extremely difficult, with bites been few and far between. I switched between the two swims on a regular basis to try and maximise bites. The maggot line was definitely the most productive.

At the weigh in I had 5 lb of small roach and skimmers.Unfortunately we came joint 4th as a team but were beaten for the money by weight count back “gutted”

 I am really looking forward to summer and to giving this pole a 'proper margin workout'; and when I do- I will be sure to write it up, so you can see how we both get on! 

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