Friday, 7 December 2012


VENUE: Lindholme Lakes – Strip Pond
LOCATION: Lindholme Lakes, Don Farm, West Carr, Epworth, Doncaster, DN9 1LF
TEL: 01427 872905/01427 87555/07785 75222



  • 2 Keep nets required for all matches and must be dipped before use
  • Groundbait with pole cup or feeder only
  • Method feeders must not be fixed rigs and not elasticatedLindholme feed pellets only
  • Barbless hooks only max size 10
  • Floating baits are to club rules not allowed in open matches
  • No cat meat or dog meat


  • 16mtr pole length
  • If you want to use a dolly butt on the end of your 16mtr section, you MUST measure your pole between the measuring poles
  • NO slapping or tapping poles
  • You must use a FLOATING float
  • A bead must be under you method or feeder to stop fixing
  • NO knots above your feeder


This 1 acre lake with its 24 pegs is popular with the smaller clubs who want a venue to themselves for their club matches. The Strip is stocked with carp up to 9lb, barbel, F1’s, an array of silver fish and some good quality tench.



Last week was the first time in nearly a year that this lake had been used for an open match. After exceptional weights were produced it was decided that this lake should also be used as the venue for today’s open match on this cold December day.

On peg 19 with nothing but open water and the wind blowing behind me from left to right, my main approach was going o be the pole. After plumbing up the full swim, I would only need the one rig as the lake bottom was completely uniform.
(I did not plumb up for the margins, due to the water being quite clear; when this happens the fish tend to move out into the deeper coloured water)


The rig I used was a ‘pencil rig’, 0.12 main line, and a 0.10 hooklength to a B911 F1 hook - size 18. The bait is 2mm & 4mm expanders for hookbait, and fishery micros for feed. I fed the micros by kinder pot in small amounts 10 – 15 micros each put in.

It took a good 30 mins for the first bite, a 3lb mirror carp; which was a welcome sight, as I struggled to get any more bites, and took the decision to start a new swim at 13m to my right at a 2 o’clock position, it again took another 30 mins before I received another bite – a 2lb carp; after a couple more carp the bites began to dry up again. I kept trying both lines, but I was unable to get anymore bites.


The frustrating thing was that the guy to my right is bagging up! (I think this was mainly because the wind was blowing directly into his peg – lucky sod!!!) So with nothing to lose I decided a complete change was required, so I retrieved my trusty bomb rod, with an idea to fish popped up bread, (a method which has worked really well for me this winter) I casted it just under half way across at a 2 o’clock angle – 10 mins later the tip flew round, but I had clipped up, and the line snapped from under the clip – bugger! 

I set the rod back up and tried again, resulting in as F1, but this was too little, too late, as the final whistle blew. Needless to say the guy to my right had the winning catch of 60lb - well done mate"