Friday, 5 October 2012


Venue: Newbridge Lakes
Location: Newbridge Road Burstwick HU12 9HS
Price: £5 day ticket
Contact: 07817 058054

"Newbridge Lake is a 7 acre lake set in 8 acres of picturesque woodland in the heart of East Yorkshire. It contains specimen carp to over 30lb, as well as: Bream, Roach; Rudd, Perch and the target for today - Skimmers. The lake during the summer months is predominantly occupied by carp anglers, but as the winter and cold nights approach a large percentage of them disappear, leaving a skimmer fishing heaven!"


The beauty of Newbridge is in it's depth, as the fish during the winter months tend to feed well on the bottom. You're looking at approx 12ft, at about 9m out, getting deeper the further out you go.

Two methods seen to dominate here, the pole and the cage feeder; which are going to be my approaches for today.

  • THE FEEDER will be in a running loop, connected by a quick release swivel. (I find this best as the knotted boom prevents the rig from tangles.)

  • MAIN LINE  is 6lb Browning Cenex, which is 0.18 in diameter. (This may sound quite heavy for skimmer fishing, but you need the line to be able to withstand regular casting.)

  • THE HOOKLENGTH  is 0.12 Browning Hybrid line, to a Kamasan B011 F1 size 18 - PERFECT for today's hook bait; 2 red maggots, as this seems to be the hookbait the skimmers here prefer.

    • ON THE POLE  I will be using a 1 1/2 gram Tubertini Series Pro float, main line 0.14 hybrid line, to a 0.12 hooklength, and an 18 B911 F1 hook. 

    • THE GROUNDBAIT I am using today is a Zebco Roach, which is a really sweet smelling dark groundbait. It can be mixed quite heavy by adding a drop of extra water, making it ideal for deep water like today.


    I have found that fishmeal, and sweet groundbaits works really well all year round here. i know this goes a bit against the grain, and non-fishmeal groundbaits should be better in the winter, but I have tried these in the past, and have always had much better results using sweet fishmeal types!

      *I will be using an Ollivette as bulk to get the bait down as quick as possible, to maximise fishing time.


      For this session I am on peg 10. This peg gives you approximately 12 feet of water at 9-10 metres out, and at the moment each side of the peg is lily lined. 

      First off I feed the pole line with 3 orange size balls of groundbait via a pole pot, as well as a 1/4 pot of maggots & casters. (I don't put particles in the ground bait, but instead feed them separately, so that I am able to monitor what I am feeding.) 


      I will leave this for 15 mins to settle and start on the feeder, I cast 6 feeders of groundbait out to get a bed of bait down before putting a hookbait on.The feeder is only out about 2 mins and the tip pulls round, resulting in a 6-8 ounce Skimmer. 

      The next bite comes after a 10 minute wait; another Skimmer is extracted and retired to the net. 


      I now decide to give the pole line a try, just to see if any fish have moved in over the bait; which results in a quick bite, and my third Skimmer is enticed into the net. Over the next hour or so I get a fish nearly every put-in on pole, but they are mainly Roach & Perch -


      I don't think I've quite fed enough to get the Skimmers to settle yet, so I up my feed rate considerably to what I have been doing.   I adjust this by putting a tangerine size ball of groundbait in, as well as a handful of maggots & casters every 20 mins. After an hour it really starts to pay dividends, by once again bagging a Skimmer on nearly every-drop-in.

      By observing how the fish were reacting, and steadily upping the feed, I was able to get the fish to settle properly, without spooking or killing the swim. At the end of the session I have a respectable 35lb; Newbridge Lake one again yeilds a great days sport.