Friday, 1 February 2013


Out of the draw bag today came peg 4, to be fair I wasn't disappointed; in summer this is a great pellet waggler peg due to the amount of open water in front of you, but today it is definitely not summer!  However the one thing I do have in my favor is that the wind is off my back, so there should be no difficulty in casting or feeding.


I am going for a three pronged attack. First of all is the bomb; my plan is to fish visible baits and alternate it with and without the pellet cone. The pellets I am using in the cone are softened fishery 4mm pellets. I have chosen 4mm over micro’s because you can fit a lot less of these in the cone, and I want a minimal amount of pellets around the hookbait.  


Secondly I am going to fish an insert waggler starting at around three feet deep, in approximately 7 feet of water at around 25m. On this line I’ll be feeding maggots and fishing maggot on the hook.


The final line I’ll be fishing is the pole. I have opted for a swim at around 9 meters, as the water is quite clear close in; this will give me approximately 7ft of water, so hopefully the pole will not spook the fish. The bait I plan to use is maggot on the hook over a small amount of ground bait. In the mix are a few pinkies and maggots, as I want the fish to remain in the swim once they are there.


I am going to start the match on the bomb with an 8mm pellet in a band, with a medium cone of pellets. I am going to start off at around 50m.
At around 70m there are a row of stickups in the water, but the water close to these is only shallow. In winter I prefer to start in the deeper water; I will try the shallower water at some point later in the session.

I leave the bomb out for around 15 minutes without a single sign. During the next ¾ of an hour I have 5 more casts, choosing a different spot each time. On a couple of these casts I change to a 10mm bright orange boilie, to see if this makes a difference. Not a single sign???
I decide to give the pole a try. At the start I fed 2 small balls of ground bait; I get a bite after around 5 mins, a small Skimmer is scooped into the net. I persevere for around 30 minutes, resulting in only 3 more small fish.

I have been constantly feeding the waggler swim from the off, with about 10 maggots every minute or so. I now think it is time to give it a go. I start on single maggot, which results in an almost instant bite, and a chunky little Roach is in the net. Over the next 1 ½ hours I get a bite nearly every cast. Some of the bites are like lightening and these tend to result in missed bites, but I am catching at a nice steady pace.

I give the bomb another try, this time with double corn. This gives me chance to rest the waggler line. I cast it close to a gap in the stick ups; after 10 mins the tip pulls round, I’m into my first carp. After a 5 minute battle the fish is finally landed, a welcome bonus at around 7 lb!

For the remainder of the match I stick to the waggler, with just the odd chuck on the bomb, but unfortunately that was the only bite on it.
I weigh in 21lb 14oz, not enough to win, but an enjoyable day.