Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Land Of Nod - Wholsea Grange

Today’s match was on the Middle pond at Wholsea Grange at the Land Of Nod, situated close to the village of Holme On Spalding Moor in East Yorkshire. The lake has 34 pegs giving you plenty of room. The lake is full of features such as islands, reed beds and shallow bars, with only a small number of pegs having open water. 

At the draw I pulled out peg 6, which was a peg I have never fished before. On arriving at my peg I discovered that directly in front of me was an area of open water, with a shallow bar to my right with plenty of reeds and plantation.
To my left was a large reed bed, this is the area I planned to target as this is where I had the most room. 

The Battle Plan!

My Main plan today was fish the bomb and Feeder. This was due to the bitterly cold easterly wind which was blowing strongly from my left.  I also set up a short pole line to fish to the tree to my Right. This would be my back up line. 

The set up 

  • Bomb rod - Browning Force Bomb 10’
  • Reel - Browning Backfire
  • Line on reel - Browning Cenex Feeder line 6lb
  • Hook length - Browning Hybrid power line 0.12    12” long
  • Hook is a Kamasan B911 size 16 - Tied with a knotless knot with a Hair rig, and a Quick stop

*My initial plan was to fish corn with this set up. 

The Method Rod 

  • Rod - Browning Force bomb 10’
  • Reel - Browning Backfire
  • Line - Browning Cenex Feeder line 6lb
  • Feeder is a small in line method
  • Hook length - Browning Hybrid Power line 0.14   4” long (this is heavier than the bomb hook length due to it being much shorter)
  • The hook is again a B911 tied with a Quick stop Hair rig 

*The initial plan was to fish corn on the hook with ground bait around the feeder. 

The Pole Line 

  • Pole - Browning Xtreme Margin ( I planned to fish at around 5 meters)
  • Elastic - Double 5
  • Main line - 0.14 Browning Hybrid line
  • Hook length - 0.12 Browning Hybrid line
  • Hook - Kamasan B911 F1 hook size 18 
  • Float - 4 x 14 diamond body. 

*My initial approach for the pole was to fish 6mm cubes of meat under the tree to my right. I also fed maggots to my left as an emergency line. 

The Match 

On the all in I cast the bomb close to the large reed bed to my left. I planned not to feed, as I was fishing corn which is a highly visible bait. My plan was to give it 10 minutes then re cast around the swim if no bites emerged.
I gave it about 40 minutes with no signs anywhere before giving the method a try. I tried this for 30 minutes with no signs again. 

Out with The Old!....

It was time for a drastic change, so I cast the bomb out, then stripped down the method rod and replaced it with a maggot feeder. 

This was set up with a small free running maggot feeder with a 0.12 hook length and a size 18 hook. 

With no signs on the bomb still I decided to give the feeder a try. I cast it just to the side of the reed bed. After 5 minutes I had my first bite, but missed it, things where looking up! I re-cast to the same spot and 5 mins later the tip flew round, this time I connected with it, a nice Ide around 1lb ½ . 

Over the next 2 hours or so I had regular bites, picking up good sized Ide on a regular basis. But the last hour or so bites became sporadic; I would get 2 quick bites then have to wait 20 minutes before I got another. Near to the end I picked up a few small Carp which were slightly bigger than the Ide, so they were very welcome. 

At the end of the match I was extremely happy with how things had turned out and even happier when my 32lb 8oz put me into second place, behind the winner who had a cracking 91lb dead. 

In Conclusion....

An excellent days fishing that demonstrates; some days you just have to rip up the initial plan and re-write it!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Browning Wagglers

Browning Peacock Insert Waggler

Have you ever used a waggler, and had instant confidence from the very first cast? If so then you must already be using Browning Peacock wagglers.

I started using them roughly a year ago, and now I would be reluctant to use any other!
They are absolutely perfect for fishing maggot, or small pellet as I have discovered over the last year. During this winter I have probably fished the waggler more than ever before, I think this relates to the confidence I have in these floats.

Browning Peacock Straight Waggler

The design of the floats is nothing new, but the main difference between these and floats from other brands is the loaded weight. On other brands the weight tends to be a bulbous shape, whereas the Brass weights on Browning floats are machined to the size of the Peacock quill for a seamless fit. I think this helps the float fly straighter and further. It also reduces resistance for bite detection.

These wagglers come in two variations, a classic peacock waggler and a classic peacock insert waggler. There are 5 sizes available in each variation.

Peacock Waggler
Insert Waggler
3AAA / 2.4g
3BB / 1.3g
4AAA / 3.2g
4BB / 1.6g
5AAA / 4.0g
3AAA / 2.4g
3SSG / 4.8g
4AAA / 3.2g
4SSG / 6.4g
5AAA / 4.0g

*These floats are available from good Browning stockists.

*My local stockist is Fishing Republic Hull  Tel no: 01482707977 

Monday, 4 March 2013

Lindholme Lakes Open Match - Bonsai

I am here at Lindholme Lakes for the Saturday open match. I've not been since December, so I'm not sure how the lake is fishing?
Last year I became a bit of a regular here, so i have a good idea of how to fish the lake.

How I am going to approach today depends on the draw; some pegs give you plenty of room, so you have the option of fishing the Bomb, Waggler or the Pole, but some are more restrictive, so the pole is the only real option.

Out of the draw bag comes peg 84 for me. This is one of the more restrictive pegs due to the island been directly in front of you.


I have two main areas that I am going to focus on, firstly the island in front of me, which is between 15-16 meters dependent on the area I choose to fish. Secondly is the Margin corner to my right, this offers a large reed bed to fish up to.


 I am setting up 3 rigs for today’s match, two for up to the island and one for the margin. I am setting all three rigs up exactly the same.0.14 Browning Hybrid main line, to a 0.12 hooklength of the same material. The hook is a size 16 Kamasan   B911 F1.


The floats are new Dino Sedge floats in a 0.2 gram pattern; the only difference between each rig will be the depth.

The first of the two island swims I am going to target is directly in front of me, where there is a cut out in the reed bed. This gives me approximately 2 feet of water tight up to the island at 15 meters.

The second swim is in front of the reed bed towards the corner of the island to my right at 16 meters, this gives me around 3 feet of water - I can’t target the corner of the island as there is a rope which connects the aerator to the bank at that point.

The margin swim is also restricted by the aerator rope so I have opted to fish at around 12 meters alongside a large reed bed. This gives me around 2 ½ feet of water - the water is well coloured today so I am optimistic that the margin line will produce fish.


For hook baits I have pumped some 4 mm expanders, and also cut up a tin of luncheon meat into 6mm cubes; I also have a tin of corn for back up. For feed pellets I have dampened some fishery micro pellets - I plan to feed these via a pole mounted pot.

I ship out the pole to the island directly in front of me and tap in the 20 or so micros from the pot, I then lower the rig in slowly over the top. There are signs of fish immediately with the float dibbing about.  It then buries and after a short battle a mirror carp of about 2 lb is safely in the net, a good start!

I repeat the process, but this time the float just sits there motionless; I lift and drop the rig numerous times, but to no avail. I decide I to try the other swim toward the island corner and get a identical outcome - the margin it is then!

This line is far more productive, giving me plenty of bites and fish although the fish are far smaller. I decide after an hour to give the island swim in front of me another try, but this time feeding nothing.  Two fish in two drops is the result before bites again cease. I try the island corner with the same approach, but nothing. I resort back to the margin swim picking up plenty of little stockies.

Over the course of the match I continue to try the island swims; on one occasion I picked up 6 fish in 6 drops from the swim directly in front of me, while only feeding a few micro’s after each fish before bites again dry up.

At the weigh in I have had 32lb; the lake has fished extremely well for some, with the winning weight been 107 lb - not a bad days fishing!

*The conclusion I have come to, is that I fed to much to start with on the island swims as the best runs came with little or no feed……Lesson learned, ready for next time.