Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Browning Wagglers

Browning Peacock Insert Waggler

Have you ever used a waggler, and had instant confidence from the very first cast? If so then you must already be using Browning Peacock wagglers.

I started using them roughly a year ago, and now I would be reluctant to use any other!
They are absolutely perfect for fishing maggot, or small pellet as I have discovered over the last year. During this winter I have probably fished the waggler more than ever before, I think this relates to the confidence I have in these floats.

Browning Peacock Straight Waggler

The design of the floats is nothing new, but the main difference between these and floats from other brands is the loaded weight. On other brands the weight tends to be a bulbous shape, whereas the Brass weights on Browning floats are machined to the size of the Peacock quill for a seamless fit. I think this helps the float fly straighter and further. It also reduces resistance for bite detection.

These wagglers come in two variations, a classic peacock waggler and a classic peacock insert waggler. There are 5 sizes available in each variation.

Peacock Waggler
Insert Waggler
3AAA / 2.4g
3BB / 1.3g
4AAA / 3.2g
4BB / 1.6g
5AAA / 4.0g
3AAA / 2.4g
3SSG / 4.8g
4AAA / 3.2g
4SSG / 6.4g
5AAA / 4.0g

*These floats are available from good Browning stockists.

*My local stockist is Fishing Republic Hull  Tel no: 01482707977