Tuesday, 30 April 2013


After a few days of northerly winds and bitterly cold nights I thought there may be a reduced turnout for today’s match, but this was definitely not the case as there were 40 plus here again! With this in mind it was decided to split the match over two lakes so everybody had a bit of room; the two lakes used for today’s match were Laurels and Willows. These lakes are almost a mirror image of each other and contain a very similar stocking level, which should make for a fair match.

As in most matches here at Lindholme there is a golden peg drawn. Today Neil the owner has decided to split the golden peg money over three different pegs, giving more people the chance of winning it. All three pegs drawn out the bag are on Willows.
Out of the draw bag comes peg 16 for me on Laurels, which I am not disappointed with. The peg is situated on the point of one of the arms, which gives me plenty of options and room. The only thing that will spoil this peg today is the wind, as it keeps swirling round from every direction! With this in mind my approach for today is going to be a three pronged attack.

Attack #1
Line 1 is to fish small cubes of meat at 13 meters on the deck at a 10 o clock angle.

Attack #2
Line 2 is to fish banded pellet shallow at 13 meters at a 2 o clock angle.

Attack #3 
Line 3 is to fish down the edge either side of me, with worm on the hook over lose ground bait, with a few micros in the mix.

The wind whilst plumbing up is currently blowing from behind me.

The Rigs I am going to use today are:

Line #1  

·       Pole is Browning Z12
·       Mainline  - Browning Hybrid power 0.14
·       Hook length - Browning Hybrid power 0.12
·       Hook - Kamasan B911 F1 size 18
·       Float - An adapted Durafloat 4x14
·       Shotting - A bulk of no 8 Stotz with 2 no 10 droppers
·       Elastic - yellow Browning Cenex

Line #2

·       2 Pole - Browning Z12
·       Mainline - Browning Hybrid power 0.14
·       Hook length - Browning Hybrid power 0.12
·       Hook - Kamasan B911 size 18 hair rigged with a micro band
·       Float - An adapted Garbolino DC6 float
·       Shotting - A bulk directly under the float
·       Elastic - double 4

  Line #3

·       Pole - Browning Z12
·       Mainline - Browning Hybrid power 0.16
·       Hook length - Browning Hybrid Power 0.16
·       Hook - A size 14 B911 Kamasan
·       Float - A custom built diamond body 0.2 gram
·       Shotting - A bulk 6” from the hook (just above the hook length)

The Match

On the all in I bait up line #1 with a 6mm cube of meat and put a few free offerings in the pole mounted pot, along with a few micros and shipped the pole out to 13m. After tapping in the loose offerings I slowly lowered the hook bait over the top. Following a few lifts and drops of the float it buries; a quick lift and a stream of elastic erupts out of the pole. After a short battle an f1 around a pound is in the net.

Over the next few drop ins it’s the same story, things have started well, all the time I’m fishing line #1, I’m loose feeding line #2 with 4mm pellets via a catapult, prepping it for fishing shallow. After around 40 minutes the wind starts to really give it some, then it totally changes round, making fishing in front of me near on impossible!

A Change in Tactics

After plumbing up a new line at 6 meters to my right hand side, I start with the same approach as line #1. It is not long before I start getting bites, but the rate I am catching at is quite slow. I persevere on this line for a couple of hours, with the odd try down the edges.

With a couple of hours to go the wind relents, giving me the option of fishing further out. The thing is I’ll have to fish at the same angle as I’m fishing the short line. I move my rollers into a position that is makes shipping back from this angle easy. I start feeding 4 mm pellets every 20 seconds to prep the line for shallow fishing whilst continuing on the short line.

Slap & Tickle!

Decision made its time to try it. The rig is set at 18” deep (a depth I like to start at). I put a 6 mm pellet in the band and ship the pole out. I slap the rig onto the water once, and before I can pick the catapult up to feed, a stream of elastic omits from the pole. After a short fight an F1 approaching 3lb is safely netted. Once the fish is in the keep net I quickly feed then re-ship out, a couple of slaps of the rig later I’m in again. The fish is of similar stamp to the last one.

In Conclusion

This continues to the end of the match, the stamp of fish I caught varied from a 1lb to 3lb. I must have put 60lb in the net in 2 hours; If only I could have started on it earlier. Who knows?

At the weigh in I have 90lb 9oz, which considering the start I had I am highly delighted with. This gets me absolutely nowhere, as there are quite a few weights well over 100lb. 156lb is the winning weight. The lakes have fished unbelievably well, if they fish like this now, who knows what sort of weights will come out when it warms up properly!