Monday, 8 April 2013

Xitan Revolution Z12 Pole

I have recently taken delivery of my new Pro package Z12, and what a package it is. On delivery the first thing I noticed was the size of the holdall it is supplied with; it is huge! It is the new 12 tube, 2.05m long version, which for its size and quality is extremely light weight. On opening up the holdall you realise how much you get with this package!

  • 17.5m Z12 pole
  • Section 5/6 pole protector
  • Section 7/8 pole protector
  • Section 9/10 pole protector (which extends the pole to 18.6m)
  • 2 x power 3rd sections
  • 2 x short 3rd sections
  • 10 x Single Length Kits (SLK,s) in your choice of tip diameters, tension puller or standard
  • SLK cupping kit and set of 3 cups

After half an hour of unwrapping packaging, I finally got to have a good luck at every part supplied. It screams quality!


The top kits are all pre bushed, and areall exactly the same length regardless of the tip bore you choose, hence the name SLK. They are also extremely light in weight, but the wall strength has not been compromised, something I was eager to inspect. Each size is colour coded for easy recognition; they also come in individual protective tubes, which have colour coding stickers on them.                         

My first job was to elasticate my selected top kits, this is a simple job, especially when no cutting back is needed. A further bit of clever thinking by Browning is that they have designed the medium storage bungs to fit into the top kits perfectly with no cutting back, making life even easier! (These are not supplied with the pole package)

*For my choice of kits, I chose a selection which suited me! 

·        SLK match puller 3.9mm X 3
·       SLK match puller 4.5mm X 5
·       SLK match puller 5.5mm X 2

*You can choose between puller kits or standard kits.

·        SLK ultra match 3.0mm (Yellow)
·       SLK match         3.9mm (Blue)
·        SLK Carp           4.5mm (Green)
·        SLK Carp XL      5.5mm (Red)
·        SLK match puller      3.9mm (Blue)
·        SLK Carp puller        4.5mm (Green)
·        SLK Carp XL puller   5.5mm (Red)

...The choice is yours!!!!


Laurels Lake at Lindholme Lakes Nr Doncaster is the venue for the first outing. I have drawn peg 47, which is on the end of one of the arms which jut out into the lake; this gives me open water only to fish in too.  Due to been slightly restricted in options with people on the opposite banks, I decide a line at 13m line for my initial approach.I take the 13m pole out, and start fitting it together, this is when you start to see all the features that this pole incorporates. First of all the feel of the pole, it effortlessly slides through your hands, making shipping it in and out easy and smooth,  the Diamond surface finish is amazing. The next thing I notice is that all the sections have over wrapped joints on both the male and female joints. This is to help reduce wear and chipping. All sections have alignment points at each end, this maximises stiffness, by creating what can only be described as a back bone.  

One feature that I have never seen before on any pole is the unique strengthened stress points, these are approximately 6” from the male joint (where you hold the pole when splitting the sections). It incorporates an extra carbon wrap, which again gives you added confidence. I can imagine other manufacturers trying to copy this feature in the near future.

Another feature with this and other poles in the Xitan range is the pole protectors; it comes with 3 of them. They are designed to fit in sections to fit every section from 5th through to the 16/17.5m butt sections. Each pole protector is reversible, therefore fits 2 pole sections and with built in skid bungs it give maximum protection.

For today’s session I am using a 3.9mm puller top kit which is fitted with double 4 elastic for my 13m line. I have also rigged up 2 x 5.5mm puller kits fitted with Browning Green Cenex Reflex Elastic, these are set up for the margins either side as they are different depths.


On the all in, I bait up with a 4 mm expander pellet and put a few micro’s in the small pole mounted pot and ship out to just beyond 13m (I  have the pole protector fitted). It’s not a long wait before the first bite. On lifting into the bite, the poles stiffness and instant tip response is immediately noticeable. A small Skimmer is on its way to the net. Over the match the fishing is quite hard with mainly small Roach and Skimmers, with a rouge bigger Skimmer and an F1 thrown in. I have had approximately 12lb.

The Z12 is an absolute joy to use. Enough said!!!

*The next section shows all the information you will need with regards to available packages, and the pole features mentioned above.


Z12 Standard Package comprises:

Z12 ‘Professional’ package comprises:

• 16m Z12 pole
• Section 5 / 6 Pole Protector
• Section 7 / 8 Pole Protector
• Section 9 / 10 Pole Protector (extends pole to 16.8m)
• 1x Power 3rd section
• 1x Short 3rd section
• 8x SLK’s in your choice of tip diameters, Tension Puller or standard
• SLK Cupping kit and set of 3 cups
• Full sized, top quality holdall
• 17.5m Z12 pole
• Section 5 / 6 Pole Protector
• Section 7 / 8 Pole Protector
• Section 9 / 10 Pole Protector (extends pole to 18.6m)
• 2x Power 3rd sections
• 2x Short 3rd sections
• 10 x SLK’s in your choice of tip diameters,Tension Puller or standard
• SLK Cupping kit and set of 3 cups
• Full sized, top quality holdall


Single Length Kits – no cutting back, no bushes, just add elastic and you’re fishing!

All SLK top kits are the same length and are pre-bushed with top quality PTFE bushes, so no more cutting back or lost length. There are 3 types of SLK (Standard, Extra-power and Long) with 4 different tip diameters to suit different sizes of elastic. There are also matching cupping kits with screw attachments fitted.

  Pole Protection System – protect sections from damage!

Pole Protectors are purpose designed short butt sections. Each of the PPs is designed as an integral part of the pole, has built-in skid bungs and is reversible, therefore fits 2 sections. There are 3 PPs for each pole range and they fit every section from the 5th through to the 16m butt sections. They protect the main sections (particularly useful on the 5th & 6th sections) and give useful length options if fishing to islands or features.

Nano-Carbon Construction – strong and light, but not brittle!

How strong is the Browning Z12 I here you ask?
The Browning Z12 uses similar carbon technology as the Z9, which has been on the market for over two years and has proven to be adequately strong for all styles of fishing. Of course, no top-end pole is unbreakable! However, following extensive testing, the Z12 has proved to be a strong pole, especially in the hands of an experienced angler.
The high-modulus carbon needed to make a pole light and stiff can often be brittle. The pole is strong but a “knock” against something hard or dropping a section can result in breakage. We use Nano-carbon fibres, which makes the sections much more durable!.

Section Alignment Points – for maximum stiffness!

All sections have alignment arrows for maximum rigidity. Sections are also numbered for identification and carry a part number, so if you need to order a replacement you will always get the correct section
 Why does the Z12 have fewer sections than a conventional pole?
The Z12’s SLK top kits are all 2 section; this means that the 4th section on a conventional pole is the equivalent to a 3rd section on the Z12 – hence it has “Power 3rds instead of “Power 4ths”.  The Z12 has 8 sections at 13 m and 10 sections at 16 m, the “missing” section is the long thin tip found on most poles.

Overwrapped Joints – designing out wear

The top-end Xitans have carbon overwrapped male and female joints to resist premature wear and chipping. The overwrap on the female joints also increases hoop strength which helps unshipping when the pole is under load.

 Strengthened Stress Points – designing out weak spots

Xitans have visibly strengthened grip areas on the middle sections and also on the elbow areas of the butt sections. These resist crushing when unshipping and cracking when striking.

Diamond Surface Finish – smooth and fast shipping!

Xitan pole sections have a special diamond ground surface finish for easy “non-stick” shipping in and out. Wet or dry, the Xitans are very “fast” poles to fish with. Browning also use the minimum of paint to reduce weight and minimise “sticky” areas on butt sections, so it slides through the hands easily;

Precision Points – accurate feeding is important to success

The butt sections of all Xitan poles have a series of full diameter markings, which allow consistent and accurate fishing and feeding when using a pole cup

Premium Protection Tubes!

Xitan poles and SLK top kits are supplied in premium quality protective tubes. These resist both cracking in low temperatures and distortion in high temperatures.


*Browning prides itself on its spares service, and always do their very best to meet there customers’ needs. They aim to keep spares for up to 5 years after a pole has been discontinued, and substitutes for old poles can often be found.
If you have any trouble locating spares or extra sections, you can contact them via phone, or e-mail through their spare parts service web page: