Saturday, 1 June 2013

The Browning 8ft Commercial King F1 Wand and the Xitan Hm Reel - The Perfect Combination!

If there was ever a rod and reel born to be together then look no further than the Browning pairing of the 8ft Commercial King F1 Wand and the Xitan Hm reel.

The 8ft Commercial King F1 Wand has helped improve my casting accuracy no end. This massively
helps when short accurate casting is required, especially on today's commercials. When you do catch, the short rod length helps you keep the fish under much more control than longer rods, especially within the most important area, netting range. Don’t let the F1 Wand name fool you though; yes it is 20% softer than the standard 8ft Commercial King Wand and is perfect for F1 and winter fishing, but it has plenty of back bone when required, making it more than capable of handling large Carp as well.

The Xitan HM 830 reel is a master piece of engineering; the smoothness of the gears and the unmatched high speed retrieve make it an ideal partner for the wand, and to be honest any other rod for that matter!
Even under the massive stresses of large bagging sessions, this reel shows zero sign of weakness, it continues to work faultlessly. Your arms are more likely to fall off before anything happens to it!

The Technical Stuff.....

The 8ft Commercial King F1 Wand      
·       Length  8’/2.45m                        
·       Sections 2 + 3 Tips
·       C/W 2 – 4 lbs
·       Travel length 1.27m
·       Weight 150g

The Xitan HM reel 830
·       M/mm   150m / 0.20 diameter
·       Gear ratio 6.2:1
·       Retrieve  101cm
·       Weight   307g
·       Ball bearings  8

The Prices (these are the RRP)
       ·The 8ft Commercial King F1 Wand    RRP  £59.50
         ·The Xitan HM 830 Reel    RRP £52.95

These are both amazing quality and value. For further products please check out the Browning website by clicking on their product link at the top of menu bar, or visit your local Browning stockist.