Saturday, 27 July 2013

Lindholme Lakes - Loco Lake
Today was the first time in about 5 years that I have fished Loco. Most the matches I fish at Lindholme are on Bonsai, Oasis, Willows and Laurels, but as with every match I fish here, a good days fishing is guaranteed. With this in mind, and no idea of the best pegs; I was not bothered one bit of where I drew. 

Out of the bag came peg 16 and after a quick chat with Nick Speed who told me I had an underwater island in front of me; which was good for the method/pellet feeder I made my way to my peg.
On arriving at my peg I spent 5 minutes weighing up the peg, the island Nick mentioned was going to be a long chuck, round about 60/70 yards. Secondly I noticed I had nothing in the way of margins to fish as the reeds and trees went out for 5 /6 meters each side, creating a v into the peg.

The Plan
After a bit of consideration I came up with a plan. I set up a pellet feeder for the island swim, the reason for choosing a pellet feeder over the method was accuracy. As the pellet feeder is more compact, it flies directly and is less affected by wind, which is great for accurate long distance fishing.
The second rig I set up was the pellet waggler, perfect for the open water I had in front of me. The third rig was a shallow rig for the pole; my plan was to fish this at 13 meters.

This was going to be as simple as it gets, 4mm fishery pellets for the pole, 6mm fishery pellets for the waggler and Fishery micros for the pellet feeder. Simplez!

The Rigs
The Feeder Rig
·       Rod  - 12 foot feeder
·       Reel  - Browning Backfire
·       Mainline  - 0.20 Browning Cenex Feeder line
·       Pellet feeder - 25 gram
·       Hooklength - 0.16 Browning Hybrid power
·       Hook  size - 16 Kamasan B911 eyed tied with a knotless knot with a band on a hair rig

The Pellet Waggler Rig
·       Rod - 11" Browning Commercial King Medium Pellet waggler
·       Reel - Browning Xitan HM
·       Main line - 0.18 Browning Cenex sinking match line
·       Hook length - 0.14 Browning Hybrid power
·       Hook size - 16 Kamasan B911 tied with a knotless knot with a hair rigged micro band
·       Float - Drennan crystal pellet waggler 3 gram attached via a waggler adapter

Pole Rig
·       Pole - Browning Z12
·       Elastic -  yellow Browning Cenex reflex
·       Main line - 0.14 Browning Hybrid power
·       Hook length - 0.12 Browning Hybrid power
·       Hook size - 18 Kamasan B911 tied with a knotless knot with a hair rigged micro band
·       Float - Shep special 4x12 Chianti style @

The Session
I started the session by launching the pellet feeder to the island; I also started feeding the 2 other lines via catapult with an aim to get the fish on these lines feeding confidently before going on them. After a couple of bite-less chucks to the island, I decided to give the pole line a try, after seeing a few movements after feeding. This move proved crucial as after an hour on this line I must have had 40 lb of prime F1s. I could not get the bait in fast enough!

After around an hour and a half the sun appeared from behind the clouds and the fish seemed to disappear. I continued to fish the pole for another 30 mins, but it was slow going, I was picking up just odd fish. A change to the pellet waggler produced a couple of quick fish before this line became iffy. I continued to feed both lines, and alternate between them, this way I could keep the fish coming at a steady rate.

With an hour to go the sun disappeared behind the cloud cover; this resulted in a better run of fish. After losing my pellet waggler rig in the reeds, courtesy of a decent Carp I spent the last 30 mins on the pole. This did me the world of good as I was catching at the same rate as the first hour. The all out sounded, and 15 minutes later the scales arrived, a total of 113lb 4 oz  which gave me the match win by over 50 lb.

Another fantastic days fishing courtesy of Lindholme Lakes!