Thursday, 15 August 2013

Messingham Sands - Tripp Pond
Today was the final match of a 6 match series spread over 2 venues and 6 lakes. The venues and lakes already visited are Bonsai, Oasis and Loco at Lindholme Lakes, and Island and Swan at Messingham Sands.Today’s match is on Tripp pond, which is part of Messingham Sands mega portfolio of lakes. It is stocked to the rafters with Carp, Crucians, Skimmmers, Chub, Ide as well as a whole lot more. This is not an all out Carp water as catches of 100lb of Crucians and Skimmers are regular occurrences.

The Draw
At the draw, and after some banter with regards to how well I had been drawing lately, my drawing
hand certainly didn’t let me down again today. Peg14 was to be my home for the day; this is a peg I have drawn a few times before and it can throw up some good weights. On arrival at my peg I was met with flat calm water with the wind blowing the opposite way. With some pegs you might worry about this but this peg has good fish holding features. It is in a corner of the lake with the full left hand bank covered in reeds, the right hand side has an overhanging tree and a few reeds over a top kits length away. This has been cleared out since my last visit.

My Plan
I am going to set up a couple of rigs for fishing at around 8 meters, I am going to fish 1 at a 10 o'clock angle and 1 at a 2 o'clock angle. On the 10 o'clock line I am going to use fishery expanders on the hook and feed them. On the 2 o'clock line I am going to feed micros and fish paste over the top. I am going to set up just 1 line for the margin and this is to my right. The reason been, the Carp in this lake are beyond control when fishing near the reeds. Even before your float buries they must be already half way through the reed bed; giving you no time at all to lift the pole and get them away. It is as if they aim themselves at the reeds before taking the bait! The final line is a shallow line at 13 meters, this is an all else fails line.

As you have read above, I will be using fishery expanders for the 10 o'clock line, and micros and paste for the 2 o'clock line. For the shallow line I will be feeding and fishing hard 6mm fishery pellets. For the margin I will be feeding loose groundbait and fishing dead red maggots on the hook. I have also cut up a tin of meat as a change bait for this line.

10 O'Clock Line Rig
* Pole - Browning Z12
* Elastic – Browning Cenex Reflex blue
* Main line – 0.14 Browning Hybrid Power
* Hooklength – 0.12 Browning Hybrid Power
* Hook – size 16 kamasan B911
* Float – Nufish Diamond 4x14
* Shotting – Bulk of no8 Stotz with 2 no10 droppers

2 O'Clock Line Rig
* Pole - Browning Z12
* Elastic – Browning Cenex Reflex blue
* Mainline – 0.16 Browning Hybrid Power
* Hooklength – 0.14 Browning Hybrid Power
* Hook – size 14 kamasan B911
* Float – Nufish Paste 0.4gram
* Shotting – Bulk of no8 Stotz

Shallow Rig
* Pole – Browning Z12
* Elastic – Browning Cenex Reflex yellow
* Main line – 0.14 Browning Hybrid Power
* Hooklength – 0.12 Browning Hybrid Power
* Hook – size 18 Kamasan B911 eyed, tied with a knotless knot with a hair rigged micro band
* Float – Shep special chianti style 4x12 @
* Shotting – Bulk no 10 Stotz

Edge Rig
* Pole – Browning Xtreme Margin
* Elastic – solid 22
* Mainline/ Hooklength – 0.18 Straight through
* Hook – size 14 Kamasan B911
* Float – Browning 0.2 gram
* Shotting – Bulk no 10 stotz

The Session
I started the match by potting in half a pot of expanders on the 10 o'clock line, and a full pot of micros with a few pieces of paste on the 2 o'clock line. I started on the expander line as in previous trips it has given an instant response. Today was no different as on the first drop in I hooked into a small Crucian Carp, which was soon in the net. The next put in I fed a few expanders via pole mounted toss pot and lowered the rig over the top; instantly the float slipped away and I was hooked into something much bigger. It headed straight for the reed bed to my left and after a bit of a battle the hook pulled out. The next few drops in only produced some small Roach, so I re-potted half a pot of expanders and opted for the paste rig. This produced a couple of Crucians and an F1 Carp before the bites dried up. For the next 20 minutes I alternated between the 2 lines but the fish were not playing ball!

I decided to pot in 3 pots of loose ground bait down to my right hand side, a top kit plus 1 section distance away. I left this line to settle and tried the shallow line, which I had been feeding regularly via catapult. 2 quick carp which were really small were the only 2 bites on this line. I may have given it longer had I not seen a shed load of action over my feed down the edge.

A change to this line was almost impossible to resist as some of the carp here were proper misters. I baited up with around 10 dead red maggots and lowered the rig in slowly. 10 seconds later the float buried and there was an almighty eruption as I hooked into a decent Carp in the shallow water. After a decent battle the fish was netted, a fighting fit Common Carp around 5 lb.

I re-potted 1 pot of ground bait in and lowered a freshly baited hook over the top. After a minute or so the same happened, another nice Common was then safely netted. This was to be my line for the rest of the session. I maintained feeding a pot of groundbait after every fish, which kept the fish there in numbers.

Match & Series Win
At the end of the match I knew I had a decent weight, and after a few weighs a total of 137lb 15oz was the result; this gave me the match win AND the series win!
In the series I had managed to win 4 of the matches, all three Lindholme matches inc today’s match, I also had good results in the other 2.
To say I have enjoyed this series is an understatement!!! :)