Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Glebe - Crown & Metal Box National

This was my first ever visit to the Glebe Fishery in Leicestershire, and to say I was impressed is an understatement. The day started early, as the alarm clock started ringing at 4:20 am. I didn't realize there even was a 4:20 am, but there is!!!

After picking Bri Peck up at Fishing Republic Hull, and what seemed like 10 tonne of bait we made our way to meet the other lads, Craig Whitehand and Tony Quinn. After a quick yarn, we made our way to Mallory Park Race Circuit for the draw and a well needed breakfast. Craig was responsible for the
drawing of our pegs, and when he came back bouncing, we knew we had some reasonable pegs. My peg for the day was peg 72 on pool 4, not the best of the bunch, but still ok. On arrival at my peg I discovered the lake was fished from just one bank, and the pegs were well spread out. The Far side was a good 40 meters across, so a good chuck would be required.

My Plan & Bait

After a bit of advice, I would start on the feeder, which due to rules would be a standard cage feeder with a 20” hook length. I also set up a bomb rig again with a 20” hook length. For pole rigs I set up 3, 1 shallow rig, 1 margin rig and a rig for the top2 plus 2 line. On the bait front I had brought just about everything I could think of apart from meat. This included micro’s, 4,6and 8mm pellet’s, dead maggots, casters, a tray of corn, hemp and a load of ground bait. I planned to feed ground bait through the feeder with dead maggots and a few micros in the mix with dead maggots on the hook. For the shallow pole line my plan was to feed and fish 6mm hard pellets. For the top 2 and 2 line, corn and micros would be the bait of choice. For the margins I would feed ground bait and fish a corn hook bait over the top.

The Rigs:
The Feeder
* Rod – Browning Force Bomb 10’
* Reel – Browning Backfire
* Reel line – 6lb Browning Cenex feeder line
* Feeder – standard cage feeder
* Hook length – 0.14 Browning Hybrid power
* Hook – size 16 Kamasan B911

The Bomb
Exactly the same set up as the feeder, but in place of the feeder a 14g bomb

The Shallow Rig
* Pole – Browning Z12
* Elastic – Browning yellow Cenex Reflex
* Mainline – 0.14 Browning Hybrid power
* Hook length – 0.12 Browning Hybrid power
* Float – Shep special Chianti style 0.2g
* Hook – size 18 Kamasan B911 tied with a knotless knot with a hair rigged micro band
* Shotting – A small bulk of no10 Stotz

Top 2 Plus 2 Rig
* Pole – Browning Z12
* Elastic – Browning blue Cenex Reflex
* Mainline – 0.16 Browning Hybrid power
* Hook length – 0.14 Browning Hybrid power
* Hook – size 16 Kamasan B911
* Float – Nufish diamond 4x14
* Shotting – bulk no8 Stotz

Margin Rig
* Pole – Browning Xtreme margin pole
* Elastic – Browning green Cenex Reflex
* Mainline/ Hook length – 0.16 straight through
* Hook – size 14 Kamasan B911
* Float – Shep special Diamond edge
* Shotting – bulk no8 Stotz

The Session
I started on the feeder to the far bank with dead red maggots on the hook and ground bait packed with dead maggot and a few micros in the feeder. It took all of 30 seconds before the tip wrapped round and the first fish was on its way to the net. A Carp of around the 3lb mark was soon in the net. The first 6 casts produced 6 Carp, all of which fought for their lives. I have only been to one other venue where the Carp are so fit and strong and that’s Messingham Sands Nr Scunthorpe.

After such a good start I thought I was on to a winner, but how wrong was I! The bites dried up as quick as they arrived. I persevered for a good 30 minutes, casting regularly to get some feed down hoping the Carp would return; this was to no avail. A change of line to the top 2 plus 2 line didn’t do much either, which I had fed with micros and corn 10 minutes before trying it. 1 small Carp in 15 minutes was the only bite the line produced. So I potted some more bait in and tried the feeder again. It took 5 minutes and a couple of casts for a bite to materialise.

To make matters worse the fish come off half way across “gutted”. I kept swapping and changing between lines before taking some drastic action. I decided to start a new line altogether and feed it completely different to the other swims. The line was again on the top 2 plus 2 but instead of at the 10 o'clock angle I had been fishing at, I altered it to a 2 o'clock angle. For feed I potted in a big ball of ground bait and half a pot of casters. I left it 5 minutes to settle before going on it. The first 2 drops in produced 2 decent sized flying Bream. They both must have jumped 4 feet out of the water 2 seconds after been hooked. The next put in produced a Carp around the 4 lb mark. Then the bites slowed again so I re-fed, producing a couple more fish. At this point I re-fed the line and also fed the line at the 10 o'clock angle with ground bait and casters. This gave me chance to alternate between the 2 lines and keep the fish coming.

At the end of the match I was happy I had worked out a way of catching steadily, but disappointed I had not done it sooner. I weighed in 60lb 13 oz.
On arrival back at the CafĂ©, the other lads had fared better; Brian had a section winning 157lb, Tony a section 4th with 114lb and Craig a section 4th with 90lb. My result was a 7th in section. As the results were read out at the presentation we were all apprehensive, “ had we done enough?” the answer was yes by a very narrow margin.
What a cracking result, cracking day and cracking venue & I for one am looking forward to returning next year.