Monday, 23 September 2013

Lindholme Lakes Saturday Open - Laurels Lake
Laurels was the lake chosen for today’s open match; it has been pretty consistent for producing cracking weights this year. I was definitely hoping that trend continued today! A good turnout for today’s match meant that pegging was going to be slightly more restricted, hopefully this would not knock the fishing back.

The Draw
At the draw I pulled out peg 52, which I discovered is the first peg on the second spit on the willows bank. As I have never drawn this peg before I certainly wasn’t disappointed, as it looked spot on. The peg gives you a decent area of open water as well as a long margin bank to the left hand side. The right hand margin was restricted by a large tree which made this pretty much unfishable.

My Plan
My plan for today’s match is to fish a line at 13 meters at a 1 o’clock angle on the deck. I am going to feed 4mm pellets on this line and alternate between 4mm expander and 6mm meat on the hook. Most of the feed will be put in via a pole mounted pot, but I am also going to lose feed a few by catapult just in case they want to feed shallow. It is for this reason I am also going to set up a shallow rig to be utilised on this line if they do come shallow. For the margin line, there is a nice little cut out in the vegetation at around a top 5 distance, and after some careful plumbing up this also appears to be the shallowest area along the full bank. My plan for this line is to feed loose groundbait with some corn and meat so I can again alternate the hookbait.

As mentioned in the section above I am going to feed 4mm fishery feed pellets. I am going to slightly dampen them so that they sink quicker than if they were dry. I like to do this when fishing on the deck as it minimises the sinking time of the pellets. For hook baits on this line I have pumped a slack handful of 4mm expander pellets and cut up a tin of meat into 6mm cubes. I have also dampened some fishery micro pellets as a standby just in case the fish don’t respond well to the 4mm pellets. For feed on the margin line I am going with lose ground bait, which is Browning Lethal Feeder groundbait. For hook bait and for adding to the ground bait I have some sweetcorn. I am also going to utilise some of the 6mm meat on this line too.

Rig Set-Up
13 Meter Rig
  • Pole – Browning Z12
  • Elastic – Yellow Browning Cenex Reflex
  • Mainline – 0.14 Browning Hybrid Power
  • Hooklength – 0.12 Browning Hybrid Power
  • Hook – Size 18 Kamasan B911 F1
  • Float – 4x16 Shep’s special @
  • Shotting – Double bulk set up No8 Stotz

Shallow Rig
  • Pole – Browning Z12
  • Elastic – Yellow Browning Cenex Reflex
  • Mainline – 0.14 Browning Hybrid Power
  • Hooklength – 0.12 Browning Hybrid Power
  • Hook – size 18 Kamasan B911 tied with a knotless knot, with a hair rigged micro band
  • Float – Shep’s special 4x10 Chianti style
  • Shotting – Spread bulk No10 Stotz

Margin Rig
  • Pole – Browning Z12
  • Elastic – Blue Browning Cenex Reflex
  • Mainline – 0.16 Browning Hybrid Power
  • Hooklength – 0.14 Browning Hybrid Power
  • Hook – Size 16 Kamasan B911
  • Float – 4x14 Nufish Diamond
  • Shotting – Bulk No8 Stotz

The Match
On the all in I potted in a ¼ cup of 4mm feed pellets on the 13 meter line, and went straight over it with the deck rig baited up with a 4mm expander pellet. It took a couple of minutes before the first bite, which resulted in a small Skimmer. The next put in, again I had to wait a few minutes before getting another bite, but this resulted in a decent F1. I shipped back out and before the rig had even settled I was in again and another decent F1 was soon in the net.

The next few drops produced some small Skimmers. This indicated to me that the F1s had backed off so I topped up with another ¼ cup of 4mm pellets. This had the desired effect as within 5 minutes I started getting F1 s again. This pattern seemed to continue all the time I spent on this line. After 3 hours I was still picking up small F1s, with the odd small proper Carp showing an appearance every now and then.

The action was not fast or furious but I was catching steadily. It was around this time that I started to see some movement in the surface layers after feeding with the catapult. A quick change to the shallow rig resulted in a run of 5 F1s one after another, but these bites soon dried up. I was picking up odd fish but they were a lot smaller than the deck fish.   

With 2 hours to go I put a big pot of ground bait in with a few grains of Corn sat on the top. I left this line for 10 minutes before going on it. I baited the margin rig with a grain of Corn shipped out and lowered it in slowly. 2 minutes later the elastic ripped out of the end of the pole, and the familiar hunt for a snag gave the identity of this fish away instantly, a Barbel, which was soon in the net. The next drop in resulted in a small F1, not quite what I was hoping for but at least I was putting fish in the net.
The rest of the match was spent on this line as I was catching at a better rate than on the 13 meter line. Unfortunately none of the resident lumps turned up today but at least I was catching and putting fish in the net.

At the end of the match I had had a good days fishing and when the scales arrived I totalled 67lb which was nowhere near enough to compete, but another cracking days fishing here at Lindholme Lakes!