Monday, 7 October 2013

Browning Cenex SLIP N SLIDE Pole Elastic Lubricant

Its not until recently that I started using the Browning Cenex SLIP N SLIDE Pole Elastic Lubricant, but its a product I wish I had discovered years ago!

This quality lubricant from Browning almost eliminates the horrible sight of sagging elastics emitting from the end of poles; which is usually caused by the elastic sticking to the inner walls of the top kit.

This lubricant builds an ultra thin film when used regularly, which minimizes friction and sticking between the elastic and the inside of the top kit. This ensures the elastic works smoothly and efficiently, resulting in less fish lost due to hook pulls and more fish in the net. The wear on the elastic is also dramatically reduced.

This lubricant has been specifically designed for purpose and will not corrode the elastic like some other products may. It is suitable for conventional, latex and hollow elastics.