Saturday, 19 April 2014

Rush Lyvars Lakes - Hedon East Yorkshire

Last week I payed a visit to Rush Lyvars Lake situated in Hedon East Yorkshire. This is the fishery where I spent most of my childhood fishing days and I have some fond memories, so when it was bought  recently by Pete and Mark Everett I was highly delighted, as they plan to make the fishery even better. True to their word they have been working tirelessly, day in day out transforming and  rejuvenating the place.

The most significant thing they have done is split the lake back into 2 lakes. The future plan is to have 1 lake (the Deeps) for specimen carp anglers and the other (The Shallows) for match/pleasure anglers; with this in mind I decided to try out the shallows. I  picked a peg on the right hand side of the first accessible island. The peg offers a large amount of open water, which should be perfect for targeting the vast stocks of Ide. The Ide in this lake grow to enormous sizes with some touching  4-5 lb, with the most common size being around the 2 lb mark.

My Plan
As this is a pleasure session, my plan is as simple as it gets, 2 pints of maggots and a shallow pole rig. The area I am going to target is 11.5 meters directly in front of me. I have set the rig at 2 feet deep to start with and plan to shallow up as the session goes on. I am going to loose feed the maggot via catapult.


  • Pole - Browning Z12 
  • Elastic - Pink Browning Cenex Reflex 
  • Main line - 0.12 Browning Hybrid Power 
  • Hook length - 0.10 Browning Cenex 
  • Hook - Size 20 Kamasan B911 F1 
  • Float - Dino Duke 0.2 g
  • Shotting - Bulk No 10 Stotz 

2 pints of maggots made up of 1 1/2 pints whites and 1/2 pint reds.

The session
I started the session as mentioned above with the rig set at 2 feet deep. Before shipping the rig out I catapulted a couple of pouches of maggots over the desired area. I shipped the pole out, re fed then laid the rig in over the top so that the bait fell at roughly the same rate. It took around 15 minutes of lifting and dropping and re feeding before the first proper bite, but the reward was one of the target species, a lovely Ide around 1 1/2 lb. I started getting regular bites, but for some reason I was only hitting a small percentage of them. I needed to do something to change this and quickly, so I shallowed up  slightly, reduced the distance between pole tip and float and added 4 No 10 back shot. The back shot were equally spread between the pole tip and the float. The reason for doing the is that it forces you to keep a taught line.

The response was instant as I was now hitting the majority of bites and catching at a much faster rate, landing not only Ide, but decent roach and Perch too. The session got stronger and stronger, but unfortunately I had to end the session prematurely, as I had to go back to work. In 3 1/2 hours I had amassed a net of around 30 lb. I had a lovely days fishing at a cracking venue; It also proves that every day is a learning day and simple changes can result in more fish in the net!  

Coarse, carp & Match Fishing

Preston Road Hedon
Near Hull HU128JU

Tel: 07582248037/07547191984

2014 Prices
Day Tickets - 1 rod £5, 2 rods £7, 3 rods £8
Night Fishing - £15 for 24 hours
*the 24 hours will run from 12 noon till 12 noon, you can arrive and fish before this time if swims are available at no extra charge, but pack up at 12 noon the next day so other anglers know what time swims are available.