Sunday, 10 August 2014

Browning Hybrid Power Mono

I have been using this line for quite a few years now, even before I got involved with Browning. It was more by luck that I started using it really, being that I went to the tackle shop to get another manufacturers line and they had ran out. Fortunately the tackle shop had just had a delivery from Browning and this gave me my first opportunity to have a look at Hybrid Power Mono. 
As with most anglers, once you have trust in a product, reluctance to change sets in. I didn't really have a choice, I needed some line and fast, as I had a match the next day and no rigs sorted. 

On arriving home I took a spool from its packet and stripped some line form it. I gave the line a good stretch, hoping that it would not end up like a pigs tail when I let go. It was a relief when the line just stayed perfectly straight. After a few more goes at stretching and releasing and the same result every time, I was happy to start making some rigs. 

Another point I was eager to test was the knot strength and suitability for using as a hook length material. I must have tied a good 20 hook lengths that day and not one single one had the tiniest bit of kinking close to the hook, which used to happen quite regularly with the previous manufacturers line, resulting in having to re tie the hook length. 
All I had to do now was catch a shed load of fish to give it a final thorough testing. 
No Turning Back
Since making those rigs on that day ( a few years ago now) to this present day, I can honestly say that I have used it on almost every rig and hook length I have made and it has never let me down; considering I sometimes fish 2 - 3 times a week, that equals a lot of rigs and hook lengths!
The consistency of the line manufacture, diameter and quality  have never wavered or altered in all the years I have used it. The only thing that will stop me using this line now is if they stop making it altogether.  

Value For Money
For a super strong, super soft and super tough line that has been thoroughly tested, look no further than Browning Hybrid Power Mono. 
With a recommended retail price of just £3.95 per spool, "happy days!"    

Line Diameter
0.12 mm
1.70 kg
3.70 lbs
100 m
0.14 mm
2.55 kg
5.60 lbs
100 m
0.16 mm
3.00 kg
6.70 lbs
100 m
0.18 mm
3.90 kg
8.50 lbs
100 m
0.20 mm
4.20 kg
9.20 lbs
100 m
0.22 mm
11.0 lbs
100 m
0.24 mm
5.90 kg
13.0 lbs
100 m