Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Browning "Warhorse" Classic Pole Match


Are you still using a "classic" Browning pole? Or prehaps you have an "old favourite" Browning lurking in the back of your tackle shed? If yes, you're invited to use it in a planned special match, with a chance to win a brand new Browning Xitan pole and some more prizes.

The match is free to enter and is open to owners of pre 2005 Browning poles (see below). It will be held on Saturday October 18th at Tunnel Barn Fishery. Spectators will be welcome and visitors will get the opportunity to try Browning's latest range of poles. Bob Nudd will fish the event but will not be eligible to win a new pole!

Frerk Peterson, marketing Director for Zebco Europe/Browning says: "Browning has been making poles for more than 40 years and we still have lots of customers who own, or use one of our older models. It would be good to get these old "warhorses" out for a special match. Anglers will also be able to compare the old poles against our latest models to see how far pole technology has advanced. Even if just visiting the main event, we would still be really interested to see any older Browning poles people have. I'm sure it will be an interesting and fun day, and somebody will leave with a new pole!". To enter, or for more information email: warhorse@zebco-europe.com with your name and contact details and model of Browning pole you will be using. Closing date is August 31st. 

There will be just a few special rules (see below) to ensure a fair match:

1) The pole used must be a pre 2005 model. Pole ranges like the Carboxys, early Black Magics, Titainiums, Leends plus many others will  be eligible. If you're unsure if your pole is eligible email Browning on the address above.
2) There will be a pole length limit of 13m maximum and 6m minimum.
3) A maximum of 2 topkits, plus a separate cupping kit can be set up.

Book a place, dust off that old pole and come and have a fun day!