Monday, 18 August 2014

Lambwath Lakes

Due to match fishing commitments, it is quite rare that I manage to sneak out for a pleasure session but I managed just this today.  I ventured to Lambwath Lakes situated in the village of Aldbrough East Yorkshire. For those who have never been to the fishery before, there are 5 well stocked lakes to choose from with 120 pegs in total available.

For today's session I planned to go on Lambwath Lake itself, which is a large rectangular shaped lake. The lake is pegged both sides with a couple of pegs on each end. To make things easy and fair the staff have placed a rope down the centre of the lake which indicates how far you can cast from either bank; as I have been to the venue many times in the past, I had already decided how I was going to approach the session before even setting off!

The Plan
I had decided to start on the bomb close to the rope then switch to the Pellet Waggler later in the session. After setting up I cast to the position I wanted to fish (without a hook length on) and clipped up on both the Bomb and the Waggler rods so that I could cast to the same position every time without catching the rope.
I also set up a pole line to fish paste at a top 2 plus 2 distance. This would be for later during the session.

As with most my fishing I like to keep things pretty simple and it doesn't come much simpler than some 8 mm hard pellets for the Waggler and Bomb and some 6 mm hard pellets and a bowl of green paste for the paste line. I have found that green paste seems too out perform any other colour paste on all the lakes here at Lambwath.

Bomb Rod 

  • Rod - Browning Force Bomb 10 ft 
  • Reel - Browning Backfire 
  • Main line - 0.20 (7.5 lb) Cenex Feeda Line 
  • Hook length - 0.16 (6.7 lb) Browning Hybrid Power 
  • Hook - Size 16 Kamasan B911 tied with a knotless knot with a hair rigged micro band. 
  • Bomb - 14 gram square bomb 

Pellet Waggler 

  • Rod - Browning Commercial King Power Pellet Waggler 11 ft 
  • Reel - Browning Xitam HM 
  • Main line - 0.20 (7.5 lb) Cenex Line 
  • Hook length - 0.16 (6.7 lb) Browning Hybrid Power 
  • Hook - Size 16 Kamasan B911 tied with a knotless knot with a hair rigged micro band. 
  • Waggler - 3.0 gram Drennan Loaded Crystal 

Paste Pole Rig 

  • Pole - Browning Xtreme Margin 
  • Elastic - Blue Browning Cenex Reflex 
  • Main line - 0.16 (6.7 lb) Browning Hybrid Power straight through
  • Hook - Size 12 Maver Eagle 
  • Float - Maver Invincible Series 3 (4 x 12) 
  • Shotting - None. The float is plumbed and set so that the paste holds the float in the correct position.

The Session 
I started the session on the bomb and immediately started feeding a couple of 8 mm pellets every 20 seconds. 2 minutes later I was into my first fish, which was a pristine Mirror Carp around the 3 lb mark. After putting the fish in the keepnet I recast  to the same position, this time  I had to wait around 5 minutes for the bite, which again resulted in lovely little Mirror Carp. The next 2 casts produced a Mirror Carp then a much larger Common Carp. What a start!
The time felt right to switch to the Pellet Waggler and a few seconds after the first cast I was in again. A decent sized Ghost Carp gave me a right battle before it was safely netted.

The next few casts also resulted in fish.  I was now catching at a rate of knots. Carp were the main species, but I did manage to catch 2 cracking Bream as well.

I found that leaving the waggler in position for a minute after casting was best, as bites tended to come  either immediately after the float had just hit the water or in the first 30 seconds. If I left it any longer a bite never materialised.
After a couple of intensive hours bagging on the pellet wag I decided to have a go on the paste line. Had this been a match I would definitely have continued on the Pellet Waggler, but as this was a pleasure session I wasn't under pressure to keep catching. In preparation I had fed this line by potting a few pellets and some chunks of paste a couple of times earlier in the session. I baited the hook with a big chunk of paste and placed it into the pole mounted pot. I also put a sprinkling of 6 mm pellets into the pot then shipped the pole to the desired spot. I carefully tipped the paste into the water. As the float settled I immediately had indications that fish were in the swim. After missing a few early bites I soon managed to latch into a decent Carp. I managed to land the fish quite quickly and it was the biggest fish of the day so far, a lovely Common around 7 lb.  I managed a few more on this line before I decided to end the session.
I had a cracking day and must have had a good 70 - 80 lb even in this short session.

This demonstrates just how good Lambwath Lakes is and I for one will definitely be paying it another visit very soon!

Price: Day Tickets £6. Concessions £4
Tel: Adrian Johnson on 01964 527740
Sat Nav: HU11 4SA