Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Lindholme Lakes - Laurels

It feels like an eternity since my last visit to Lindholme and I have been missing out on some fantastic fishing as a few lake records have been broken during this time. Today's match was being held on Laurels, which is one of the lakes that has had its record broken recently.
At the draw I drew out peg 47, which is on the point of the last spit on the left hand side of the lake (if you are looking from the car park in front of Laurels and Willows). On arrival at my peg I discovered that I had loads of room, as there was nobody on the side of the spit opposite. This gave me plenty of open water as well as plenty of far side options, should I choose to fish bomb or banjo feeder.

My Plan 
My initial plan was to start on the short line, then switch to the long shallow line. I also set up a deck rig for the long line for later in the match to try and pick up a few extra fish that have followed the feed down. For the margins I plumbed up a swim to my right as the margin to the right hand side had a large reed bed that would hinder me.

I planned to feed fishery 6 mm feed pellets on the short line with a banded 6 mm pellet for the hook. For the shallow line I planned to feed fishery 4 mm feed pellets and swap between a 4 and 6 mm banded pellet for the hook. For the margins I had some groundbait for feed and some corn and worm for the hook.


Short Line and the Long Deck Rig 

  • Pole - Browning Z12 
  • Elastic - Yellow Browning Cenex Reflex 
  • Main line - 0.16 Browning Hybrid Power 
  • Hook length - 0.14 Browning Hybrid Power 
  • Hook - Size 18 Kamasan B911 tied with a knotless knot with a hair rigged micro band. 
  • Float - Middy Styrex 4 (4 x 14) 
  • Shotting - Bulk plus 2 droppers 

Shallow Rig 

Pole - Browning Z12
Elastic - Yellow Browning Cenex Reflex
Main line - 0.16 Browning Hybrid Power
Hook length - 0.14 Browning Hybrid Power
Hook - Size 18 Kamasan B911 tied with a knotless knot with a hair rigged micro band
Float - Drennan Crystal Dibber 0.2g
Shotting - 4 x no10 stotz bulked just above the hooklength

Margin Rig 
Pole - Browning Xtreme Margin
Elastic - Green Browning Cenex reflex
Main line - 0.20 Browning Hybrid Power straight through.
Hook - Size 14 Kamasan B911 XS
Float - 0.2g Diamond
Shotting - Bulk set 6 inches from the hook

The Session 
I started the session on the short pole (top 2 plus 1) with a 6 mm banded pellet on the hook. Feed wise I started cautiously feeding only 5 or 6 pellets at a time. I had a few indications straight away but no bite materialised. After a good 5 minutes I got my first bite which was a small Skimmer. The next drop hardly hit the bottom and the float buried, this definitely wasn't a Skimmer as elastic streamed from the pole; unfortunately the hook pulled out! By the way it was fighting I think it was foul hooked.
The next drop in the same happened but this time I managed to land the fish, a decent Carp around 6 lb was the result. The following drop in I was hoping for more of the same, but the float just sat static. The next 10 minutes remained bite less before I switched to the shallow line. I had been feeding this line meticulously every 30 seconds or so with around 8 - 10  4 mm pellets at a time.

I put a 6 mm pellet in the band and shipped the pole into position, I slapped the rig over and the float buried immediately. It felt like a good fish as soon as I hooked it, and on landing it I was proved right, a decent carp around 6 lb was the result. The next drop in on this line produced a great deal of nothing. I spent a good 10 minutes feeding, slapping and lifting and dropping to no avail. I swapped back to the short line but couldn't get a bite on this line either. I then tried the long Deck Rig and again I remained bite less.

I noticed the guy opposite was getting a few fish feeding micros but he was having to wait a while for bites. This gave me an idea, I got my Browning Commercial King 8 ft wand from my bag and dampened off some micro pellets. The rod was ready set up armed with a Banjo feeder. Once the micros were ready I baited the hair rigged band with a 6 mm hard pellet and filled the feeder with the micros and cast it towards the far bank. After a couple of re casts the tip wrapped round and I was in, A decent carp was again the result. The next few hours were spent on this, fortunately I was picking up fish steadily and decent fish at that. Unfortunately as with all the other lines the bites ground to a halt on this line too.
In a bid to try and make things happen I started throwing small amounts of micros down along the reeds to my right, with the idea to try and catch a few shallow over the the top. The first go with the shallow rig resulted in a bite immediately, an F1 was soon in the net. The last half an hour was spent on this line and I started catching really well.

Unfortunately the end came too soon. At the weigh in I was happy with the 70 lb I weighed in, it was enough to give me 4th place. It was a difficult day but by swapping and changing I managed to keep putting fish in the net..... Happy days