Friday, 14 November 2014

World Feeder Fishing Championship 2014

A report from the World Feeder Fishing Championship in Ireland by Kent Adell - Team Browning Sweden.

It was the biggest World Feeder Championship so far with 25 participant nations.

The World Feeder Fishing Championship was to be held at the big reservoir Inniscarra Lake at Coachford. It was a new area of the lake that was going to be used. To be able to do that a road had to be made alongside the bank - job done!

 Let The Championships Begin!

 A Resume Of The Practice Week

During the practice week we tested different ground bait mixes based on Browning M7, Dutch Danger Wild Black River, Dutch Danger Mad Roach with and without leeam. 

The mix we agreed on worked best was 2kg Wild Black River + 2kg Mad Roach + 0,5 kg M7. The mix was sewed hard to get the biggest particle out of the ground bait. We boasted the mix with one bag of CC Power Additive Toffee Karamell to get a strong smell.
At the end of the week I started to over wet the ground bait while I was fishing and noticed that it worked better for the bream. Hence it didn't explode out of the feeder and attract the roach.

At the same time we started to notice that if you had Jokers in your ground bait you attracted the bream better, so a tactic was formed for the competition days.

 The Competition Days

Day One Saturday: 
Was notified by our captain that I was to sit on peg 22 on C-section. When I arrived to the peg I saw that it was a bit out from the bay and closer to the point. Felt pleased with where I ended up, hence it was shallower in the bay. 

The weather for the day was over clouded with rain mid ways the competition. I started to plumb up and noticed it was much deeper here than in the bay, hence there were a lot of pegs that you couldn't fish too far out at; we said that we should find a spot between 18-25m and 6-10 seconds. I Found a nice smooth and snag free spot at 8 seconds and 22 meters out.

I tackled up 6 rods 2 11ft Champions Choice Stillwater, 2 12ft Champions Choice Super feeder and 2 13ft Black Viper MK 13 S. The choice of the day was the 12ft Super feeder with a 28g flat lead plastic feeder. I taped up the holes on the feeder to avoid ground bait getting out on the way down (I did this so I wouldn't attract to much Roach.)
The hook choice at the start was a size 18 thine wire wide gape black nickel tied to a 0,10 Cenex line of 65cm.
The tactic was to target the Bream in the start and go over to roach if the Bream didn't show. At the 10 minuet groundbating we agreed to take it slow and not over throw with feeders to avoid attracting Roach, so I started with a feeder mixed with Jokers, chopped worm and casters and made sure the feeder was clean from ground bait on the outside. I let the feeder lay for around 2 mins and then slowly emptied the feeder so the ground bait laid still on the bottom. I put out 2 more before the start nice and calm. 

I started with a feeder with the same mix as the ground baiting and a single maggot on the hook. I got a Roach straight away and the next 10 fish was Roach and hybrids. I noticed that I was catching bigger Roach and hybrids then my neighbor due to my heavier ground bait. After around 30 min I noticed a different indication on my tip so I pulled up and changed bait to a small red worm. I put out the feeder again and got a nice pull-around on the tip and hooked my first Bream. I put out the feeder again and got a good pull-around on the tip again; Igot the feeling that the Bream had parked on my peg.

I kept feeding the next feeders with worms and castes and started to notice the bites getting very delicate and just small 2-3mm indication. I did strike a couple of times on these small indication and there were no fish, so I did leave the worms and casters out of the next feeders that I put out and only put in Jokers to see how the fish would react.

After 3 feeders the fish started to respond really well with the best pull-arounds on the tip for the whole day! This would last for around 30 mins, until the rain started and the fish turned back to being shy biters again. This time I had to wait out the bites until I got a good indication on the tip. For the remainder of the competition I had to sit on my hands so I didn't strike to soon, sometimes. I could see indications for several minutes until a good bite came along, I did try different hook lengths and baits to see if I could get a better indication but didn't find the best way of the day; still I manage to catch a total of 49 fish and of those I had 26-30 Breams.

During the competition I felt that I was putting fish regularly in the net compared to my neighbors and that I would be in the top; I did know that peg 24 was netting fish regularly. I was told by some spectators that I had done well on my section and when I heard that the top weight so fare was a bit over 12kg, I got the feeling that I could have more.
At the weigh in the scale stopped at 13.058g and top weight so far, I knew that peg 24 had been catching well. I was informed that he had weighed in 11.777g …. YES!!! It was now clear to me that I had won the section.

 Day Two Sunday:

After day one I felt that the tactic worked very well and that I had a chance for a medal. I was drawn to sit on peg 11 on D-section. It was not in an area that would have been my first Choice, it was just after the point that was on D-section.The weather for the day was over clouded at the start and sun midways in to the competition. I tarted to plumb up and noticed that it was deeper closer in then the day before. I had 8 seconds at 19 meters out and the bottom felt ok, so I decided to fish the same depth as the day before.

Today I only tackled up my 12ft rods and the 11ft rods. I used the same groundbait mix as the day before and did the same ground baiting at the start as well. Similar to day one the Roach and hybrids was first to show and I was catching well compared to my neighbors. After 35-45 min I noticed a change in the bites. The next feeder I put out was with a small red worm. It didn’t take long until I hooked my first Bream, it was a nice fish around 700g.

 From What I could tell I was the second one catching a bream on my section. I felt very good that it worked today as well; I did catch another one just 10 minutes after. Then the bites were gone. What happen was that the sun broke through and the bream moved away. Shit, what do I do know!! Move out further and take a chance that the bream are there or go for the roach and put fish in the net. After a debate with myself I decided to go for the roach and get as low points as possible for the team. It was now around 3 hours left of the match.

To get a good speed on the roach fishing I started to fish 5 turns on the reel further in. I also changed feeder to a plastic with open holes so the ground bait would disperse quicker. I went down to a size 20 black nickel thin wire wide gape hook as well. I starting to catch roach straight away on the new spot, but unfortunate the roach was very small, ranging in the size 30-60g.After a good start the bites were starting to fade so I went back out to my first spot to see if there were any fish there. There was roach here as well and I did catch some quick ones.

So from now on I shifted spots as soon as I noticed the bits starting to fade; in this way I had quicker bites and did put more fish in the net. I noticed that it was very important to put on the maggot the right way. I had to thread the maggot on to the hook but not on to the whole hook. It needed to be thread on like a rubber jig with the hook coming out in the middle of the maggot so the maggot was straight. When I didn’t get the maggot pointing straight I didn’t get quick bites. During my roach fishing I didn’t put down my feeder rod on the feeder support because the bits came very quick and if I didn’t have a bite within 30 secs I moved the feeder 10-15 cm to get a movement on the bait. When I got a bite, I only did a shot strike with my wrist that moved the feeder 30-50 cm so that I could keep fishing if I didn’t hook the fish. In this way I didn’t have to recast without had put a fish in my net every time. My neighbors had to recast every time they didn't hook a fish.

After the finish signal I had manage to catch 129 fish and I wasn't very pleased with it. My felling was that I would end up around 12-13th place on the section. When the weigh-in arrived to me I asked what the highest weight was so far and I was told it was a bit over 7kg; I was surprised that it wasn't more! When they put my fish on to the scale it stooped at 5979g and I was 2nd so far on my section. I knew that the French guy 2 pegs on my right had a very good weight so where would I end up?
Our captain arrived at the end of the weight in and he got the final results from one of the other captains and I finished on 5th place on my section after all. I was very pleased to hear that I ended up on a 5th place on my section.

So I had a total of 6 points over the two days, how far up the result would it take me? I was notified by our captain that I had manage a 9th place overall and our team finished on a 12th place. I was very happy I managed to get a place within the top 10 at a World Feeder Championships!

I would like to thank my Team members for a fantastic week with all that comes with it. Also a big thanks to Zebco for helping me and my team members.

 Kent Adell, Team Browning Sweden.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Pole Fishing Magazine - Preston Pole Pairs Event

The Pole Fishing Magazine, Preston Pole Pairs is a new event organised by Pole Fishing Magazine. This is a dedicated silver fish event spread over four matches at four separate venues. 50 pairs places were up for grabs at the start and it sold out quickly. The event as stated is a silver fish event but F1s are allowed too. 
The morning of the first round was upon us and Barston Lakes and Packington Somers was the destination. Myself and Carl Shepardson (another Browning sponsored angler) had entered the event but with his missus recently giving birth to their first child shortly before, he was unable to attend this first match; fortunately Mark Henderson, a good mate of mine was able to stand in for him at late notice. After a 4am wake up call and a couple of hours drive we arrived at the draw venue, which was the West Midlands Golf club, the home of Barston Lake. After a bit of breakfast and cup of tea it was time for the draw. I went up to draw and drew out pegs 114 at Barston and 15 on Little Gearys at Packington Somers. I also had to draw out which of us would be at what venue; it turned out that I was going to Packington with Mark staying at Barston. 

After a bit of a chat with Dan Tresigne, who fishes these venues regularly, I found out that Little Gearys is full of F1s. On hearing this I pretty much decided on an approach even before I arrived at my peg. 
On arrival at my peg I was really pleased to see the wind blowing down to the end of the lake that I was at, as F1s tend to follow the wind at most venues. The only down side was the blooming rain. 

My plan 
I decided on a three pronged attack, but the majority of the match would be spent concentrating on just 2 of the lines. The first line would be a line at the bottom of the shelf at a top 2 plus 2 distance. The second line was a line at 13 meters directly in front of me. The third line was the margin to my right next to the reed bed. 

The rules for this event stated natural baits only. This included maggots, casters, worms, ground bait, corn and bloodworm and joker. I had all these with me but I decided on a simple maggot approach with just a few casters mixed in for an alternative hook bait. 

13 Meter Rig 

  • Pole - Browning Z12 
  • Elastic - Double 4 
  • Mainline - 0.14 Browning Hybrid Power 
  • Hook length - 0.12 Browning Hybrid Power 
  • Hook - Size 18 Kamasan B911 F1 
  • Float - 0.4g Scotthorne 1 
  • Shotting - Spread bulk plus 2 droppers 

6 Meter Rig 

  • Pole - Browning Z12 
  • Elastic - Double 4 
  • Mainline - 0.12 Browning Hybrid Power 
  • Hook length - 0.10 Browning Cenex 
  • Hook - Size 20 Kamasan B911 F1 
  • Float - 0.3g Scotthorne 1 
  • Shotting - Spread bulk plus 2 droppers 

Margin Rig 

  • Pole - Browning Z12 
  • Elastic - Yellow Browning Cenex Reflex 
  • Mainline - 0.14 Browning Hybrid Power 
  • Hook length - 0.12 Browning Hybrid Power 
  • Hook - Size 18 Kamasan B911 
  • Float - Middy Styrex  
  • Shotting - A bulk plus 2 droppers 

The Match
I started the match by feeding both lines with around 30 maggots and a pinch of casters by pole cup.

I decided to start on the long line and give the short line a bit of time to settle. I put a few maggots in the pole mounted pot and shipped the rig out. I tapped the maggots out then lowered the rig in really slowly; I like to do this due to the way that F1s feed, F1s tend to follow a bait down and just as it settles they grab it . Another thing that I like to do is regularly lift and drop the rig, as the can provoke the fish into taking the bait quicker.  After a bit of lifting and dropping I got my first bite which resulted in a small Skimmer. This took the bait a second after the float settled. I re shipped the rig into position and lowered the rig in exactly as before, a second after the float settled it disappeared, a quick lift and I was in.  This time the fish was much bigger and after a steady battle, a pristine F1 was safely landed.

The next drop in resulted in another, I was off to a flying start. Unfortunately the following drop in resulted in a motionless float. This is definitely a trait with F1s especially when the water temperature starts to cool down. You will catch one or two and then they will back off. I decided to swap to the short line but before doing so I made sure that I topped up the long line with around 20 maggots and a few casters. The switch to the short line immediately paid dividends as I was straight into fish, but as before, I caught a couple then they backed off. I re-fed the short line and switched back to the long line, but after a biteless 5 minutes I soon switched again. I had a feeling that something seemed to be unsettling the fish more than just the cooler conditions. I decided to stop feeding with the pole mounted pot and concentrate on putting a small amount of bait in by pole cup after every couple of fish. (I had an inkling that the feed going in over there heads was the thing that was spooking them more than any thing else).  This did the trick as it seemed to settle the fish on both lines. As the match progressed the short line seemed to get stronger and stronger. I did manage to keep catching odd fish on the long line, but I only really ventured onto this when the short line needed re feeding.

At the end of the match I was really pleased with the way things had gone, I knew I had beaten most the people around me. The scales arrived and I weighed in 26 kilos 250 grams (almost 58lb) which was enough for me to win the section and come 2nd at Packington. I was over the moon!
My partner Mark weighed in 20 kilo 500 g which gave him 4th place in his section. 

I am really looking forward to the next round at Messingham Sands, which is one of the venues I fish quite regularly. I'll keep you informed how it goes :-)