Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Brand New Browning Xitan MF Reel

I recently took delivery of my new Browning Xitan MF 930 Reel. This is the smaller of the 2 new models available, the larger been the 940.  At first glance it looks an impressive piece of kit, with a sleek extremely modern look. It comes with an array of accessories. Firstly is the 2 handles, 1 double handle (my personal preference) and 1 single handle.  It also comes supplied with 2 equally sized spools, which have a line capacity of 150 meters of 0.18 line.

I am not one for doing a review before I have thoroughly tested a piece of kit, and so it's off to the open matches at Lindholme Lakes I go for it's first outing. I have been using the reel for bomb fishing, as this is a great method at the venue; the reel would be also perfectly suited for all match methods, including Pellet Waggler, Method Feeder and standard Feeder; however the pictures below show me giving it another workout at my local Rush Lyvars Lake venue, Hedon East Riding of Yorkshire.

The thing that stands out the most to me, is how smooth the reel works, even when playing a hefty irate Carp it works effortlessly, which is a credit to the engineering. Another thing that really stands out is how uniform the line lays on the spool; it is completely even from top to bottom. This coupled with the large diameter spool design makes casting effortless as the line peels off with minimal friction.

One of my favorite methods, especially in the summer months is Pellet Waggler fishing, and I cannot wait to give this reel a proper pellet wag work out.  The fast retrieve on this reel 6.0:1 will be invaluable for this method, as regular re- casting is essential. If you use the drag system for playing fish, you won't get a reel with a smoother one than this. This is due to the ultra smooth progressive carbon drag system.

One final design feature, which is simple, but again essential for modern match fishing is the line clip. Browning have designed this with a protective coating, which prevents line damage, which in turn prevents unnecessary line breakages.

As an introductory offer, these reels are available for £99. (while stocks last)

Technical Specifications

Capacity m/mm
Gear Ratio
Xitan MF 30
Xitan MF 40

You also get 2 spools of Browning Cenex line free!

  • 1 x 150 m  4 lb  
  • 1 x 150 m 6 lb

*Available at all good Browning Stockists.