Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Newbridge Lakes

I recently payed a visit to Newbridge Lakes in the village of Burstwick East Yorkshire. For once I was visiting a lake for a pleasure session and not a match "yes you did just read that right" ;-)
For those who have never been to Newbridge before, the venue offers a wide range of fishing opportunities with 3 very different lakes on offer.

Newbridge Lake
This is the main lake which is 7 acres in size and offers a large Carp fishing as well as some of the best silver fish fishing available.

Harrif Pond
Just over an acre in size and has 2 islands. This is a match style lake with a good stocking of F1s, Carp, Tench and Skimmers.

Skeckling Pond
This has 1 central island and is less stocked compared to the Harrif Pond, which allows the fish to grow to specimen sizes.

I opted to fish the Harrif pond as it looked extremely inviting. After a walk around the lake I opted for a peg that had a few different options. The peg I decided on offered an array of areas to target. Firstly there was the island which was within comfortable casting range for fishing the Hybrid feeder. The peg also offered plenty of open water to target with pole tactics.

The Plan
I opted for 2 pronged approach, firstly targeting the end of the left hand island with a hybrid feeder as this looked to be a great fish holding feature.
The other area I planned to target was a pole line at 13 meters, I had plenty of open water to target so this would be a great back up line for when bites eased on feeder line.

As this was a pleasure session I kept the bait options down to a minimum. I opted for dampened micro pellets and 4 mm hard pellets for both the feeder and the pole lines, "simples"


Feeder Rod
  • Rod - Browning 10ft Sphere Bomb 
  • Reel - Browning Sphere 930 
  • Main line - 0.18 Browning Cenex ABR
  • Hooklength - 0.16 Browning Hybrid power 
  • Hook - Size 16 Kamasan B911 eyed tied with a knotless knot with a hairrigged micro band 
  • Feeder - Guru Hybrid 24 gram

Pole Rig 
  • Pole - Browning Z12 
  • Elastic - Yellow Browning Stretch 7 
  • Mainline - 0.14 Browning Hybrid Power 
  • Hooklength - 0.12 Browning hybrid Power 
  • Hook - Size 16 Kamasan B911 eyed tied with a knotless knot with a hairrigged micro band 
  • Float - 0.3 gram Drennan AS1 
  • Shotting - Spread Bulk plus 2 droppers 

The Session 
I started the session on the feeder, with a 4 mm hard pellet in the band and micro pellets in the feeder for feed. I  cast the feeder and as I was clipped up it landed perfectly within a foot of the island. Within a minute of the feeder hitting the bottom, the tip pulled round and I was in, this resulted in a Skimmer around a pound in weight soon been netted. The next chuck was a mirror image of the first, but this time it resulted in a lovely F1.

The first hour was pretty relentless as the bites just kept on coming, Carp and F1's were the main species plus I did have a rouge Tench. Just as the second hour commenced a fish took me into a snag, resulting in a big commotion and me getting snapped off. This left me having to re-set up and bites grinding to a halt on the feeder line; I was pretty much forced into swapping over to the pole line, which I had been regularly feeding via a pole mounted kinder pot with micro pellets.
To make sure I kept the feed really accurate I picked a far bank marker to line up with. Another thing I did was whilst the micros were in the pot I gave them a little squeeze so that they came out the pot in a clump. This also helps keep thing nice and accurate, it also get the bait down to the bottom much quicker then feeding them loose. I baited the band with a 4 mm pellet and shipped the pole out into position. I then tapped the clump of micros in the desired spot and then lowered the rig into position. Within seconds of the float settling, I had a bite, a quick lift of the pole resulted in a steady stream of yellow elastic omit from the pole. This resulted in a proper chunk F1 followed quickly by another before the Skimmers moved in. I spent the remainder of the session swapping between the pole and feeder to keep fish gracing the net. I had a fantastic few hours fishing at a lovely venue ending up with around 40 - 50 lb :-)