Monday, 14 October 2019

Lindholme Lakes Open Match -Willows

A massive apology for starters for the lack of blogs in recent months, I am hoping to start getting the blog back up to date with regular write ups.

Today’s match was held on Bonsai and Willows lakes; they have both been in prolific form of late, so at the draw I was not really concerned where I was to draw. My hand went into the draw bag and I pulled out peg 22 on Willows, not a bad peg at all (no point in drawing bad ones!)
This is situated on the point of the 3rd arm on the road bank side of the lake. On arrival at the peg I was met by flat calm conditions but a lot of the time on this lake it doesn’t matter that much, with this in mind I came up with a plan of attack. 

The Plan
After hearing how Rich Kerridge had won the match on the Thursday open using maggots, I had this at the back of my mind whilst deciding how to approach the peg. My plan was to start short on a top 2 plus 2 with hard pellets as this is usually a great line before the fish back off. I then opted for 13m lines; the first would be at an 11 o’clock angle with pellets on the deck and the other with maggots shallow at a 2 o’clock angle. This would give me enough space between the 2 lines for the not to affect each other. My final 2 lines would be for the margins, both at top 2 plus 1 section, one right and one left. There was quite a significant difference in depths between the 2 margins with the left been nearly a foot deeper than the right.

  • Short and long pellet rigs (as used same rig)
  • Pole - Browning Sphere Zero-G F1 
  • Elastic - Green Browning Stretch 7
  • Main line - 0.18 Browning Cenex Hybrid
  • Hook length - 0.12Browning Cenex Hybrid
  • Hook - Size 18 B911 tied with a knotless knot with hair rigged band
  • Float - Tez Naulls Rock 0.4g
  • Shotting - Spread bulk plus 2 droppers

Right Hand Margin
Same set up as pellet rigs but hooklength was 0.14 Cenex Hybrid with size 16 B911 spade

Left Hand Margin
  • Pole – Browning Sphere Zero-G F1
    (click here for more info on Browning poles)
  • Elastic – White Browning Stretch 7  
  • Main line – 0.18 Browning Cenex Hybrid Power
  • Hooklength – 0.12 Browning Cenex Hybrid Power
  • Hook – Size 16 B911 tied with a knotless knot with a Hair rigged band
  • Float – Tez Naulls Ping 0.4g
  • Shotting – Spread bulk plus 2 droppers

The Session
I started the session on the short line with a 4mm banded pellet as hook bait and
for feed I utilised a small pole mounted pot to tap it 6 x 4mm pellets. I opted for this approach instead of throwing pellets in, so that I could feel my way into the match a bit more carefully due to the weather slightly cooling down. The match started relatively slowly for me but it also did for everyone I could see within eyeshot.
After around 10 minutes I started to get some indications and bites, which resulted in a few F1s been netted within the following 10 minutes. For some reason the peg went really iffy after this short run, so I changed to feeding by hand which resulted in a couple of quick fish, then it iffy again. This forced my hand a bit to start feeding the shallow maggot line. I prepped this for 15 minutes before having a go on it. I must have attracted every Roach in the lake into my peg because that is all I could catch. I had 1 rogue F1 and about 30 roach before I chucked this up the bank.
A change to the long pellet line was again forced upon me; this started positively before it went iffy. I decided to make a change and switched to a 6mm pellet in the band. This worked a treat as the peg started to improve. I managed a steady run of fish before the peg tailed off again.
A switch to the left-hand edge, where I had been feeding steadily with 4mm hard pellets was in order, this changed my match as it was solid. I was soon catching a fish every drop-in and quickly too. Even though it was 6ft deep the fish were lined up and confident to feed. I caught everything on 6mm hard pellets, which helped to make it even faster.

At the end of the match I weighed in 123lb 13oz which gave me third place overall.
Happy days